Water for Life marketing poster

International Art Exhibition

This exclusive Cultural International Exhibition is a Canadian Historical Premiere engaging the artistic community from 18 Countries in support of a very special cause; access to drinking water.

The Niagara Falls Museums is very excited about this upcoming exhibition.  Artists will display works that connect to water, our most valuable resource and the source of the Niagara's global reputation. 
This exhibition runs from May 12, 2018 until September 9, 2018 in the Ontario Power Generation Gallery
The artists involved in this exhibition are:
Shibu Arakkal
Ann-Pia Azizuddin
Cynthia Bickley-Green
Rafael F. Cardona-Acevedo
Carlos Caruso
Ebru Dede
Ann Dunbar
Joy Engelman
Antoine Gaber
Alejandro Fuentes Gil
Anja Hess
Laurel Holloman
Gabrielle Fischer Horvath
Wessel Huisman
Marilyn Hutchinson
Karen Salicath Jamali
Judith Klein
Margaret La Bounty
Theo Lenartz
Anne-Marie Marin
Silvana Merello
Susan N. McCollough
Anya McManis
Lydia Moawad
Nettan Morén
Barbara Muir
Rosae Novichenko
Alejandro Fuentes Quezada
Gabriela Rodrigues-Penagos
Carlos J. Tirado
Evi Savvaidi
Steffie Wallace
B'Beth Weldon
Lucille Wong
Eric Brynolv Würsten
Natxo Zenborain