About The Exchange

After years of planning, Niagara Falls City Council approved the construction of the Niagara Falls Exchange - a new market and cultural hub, strategically located in the Main and Ferry neighbourhood. The project broke ground in 2021.

The Exchange is a 10,000 square foot indoor/outdoor multipurpose event space, created to foster and incubate the city's Food, Music, Art and Culture scenes. The Exchange is the new home of the Niagara Falls Famers' Market, in addition to artist & woodworking studios, an art gallery, an on-site café, and more.

The Exchange will be a popular event space in Niagara Falls and the epicentre of Niagara Falls Arts & Culture.

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Market Hall

This 4,000 sq foot hall will provide indoor and outdoor space for a year-round Farmers’ Market (starting October 14, 2023) in order to retain and attract farmers and vendors. The design of the space adheres to the vision of a makers' space where a high proportion of vendors grow, produce, make their own products and/or source the products within a 100-mile radius (on the Canadian side of the border).

Furthermore, the space will be flexible enough to develop other similar programming related to artists, creators and makers of things to use the space. Acoustic paneling, audio visual equipment and staging material will provide a venue that can accommodate everything from a musical performance, theatre, festivals and many other activities to make this the best venue for the community.

Artist Studios

These shared spaces will encourage and facilitate creation, collaboration and development. The studios will offer competitive rates for artists and makers to create visual arts. It will be high-quality space conducive to artists' needs in terms of ceiling heights, lighting, ventilation, freight elevator, finishing areas, some tools, fume hood, washing station and disposal area.

Artists will have 24 hour/7 days a week access to these spaces to provide the flexibility that is required. All spaces will have power accessible to the artists and wifi set up on the site.

Woodworking Studio

Keeping the priority on community space that is accessible creator space, a woodworking shop is located on the main floor of the site. This will provide artists with materials and tools that they require to complete projects. It will provide space for amateur woodworkers with space to explore their potential. It will provide space for those who have downsized their tools and woodworking area to get reintroduced to woodworking and it will provide creators with the equipment to produce works that can be sold. This space will be staffed by trained woodworkers to provide assistance and to run workshops for new woodworkers and experienced woodworkers.


Located on the second floor near the artist studios, this space will be a quality gallery space for artists to exhibit their work. Priority will be given to the artists residing in the studios.


Stay tuned for more info about the Café at The Exchange.