workshop floor plan

The woodworking studio is located on the Exchange's main floor, prioritizing creating an accessible creator space for the community. This will provide anyone interested in woodworking with the materials and tools required to complete projects. It is a space for amateur woodworkers to explore their potential. It also provides space for those who have downsized their tools and woodworking area to get reintroduced to woodworking, and it provides creators with the equipment to produce work that can be sold. The space will be staffed by skilled woodworkers who can assist in projects and run workshops for new and experienced woodworkers.


The woodworking studio will be accessible to members and provide great space for amateurs and experts alike.


Staff will be offering introductory and advance woodworking workshops to the public. These will be open to members and non-members of the woodworking studio.


The following are all subject to HST.

Daily                                   $22.60

Monthly                              $84.75

Six Month                           $474.60

Six Month with storage     $757.10

Annual                                $881.40

Annual with Storage          $1446.40


All attendees and members of the woodworking studio must sign the City Liability Waiver before conducting any work in the space.


We are current accepting memberships for future use.  The woodshop is set to open in 2023.  Membership purchased before opening will not commence until that time and once training has been completed.  

Step 1: Fill in liability and release form HERE. You must read and sign liability waiver and release. 

Step 2: Complete payment HERE. You will be asked to join with a login and password. Look for “Woodwork Studio Membership”. Membership can be attained with a credit card online. Cash or Interac payment can be accepted at the Niagara Falls History Museum Front Desk only. Your payment will be applied after you complete the mandatory training. Monthly payments are available.

Step 3: Schedule a required hands on training.  Please contact us HERE to book a time.

Step 4: You may operate the machinery once you have been trained and have building access.

The waiver and training is valid for two years upon activation.


Membership info package is here

This is all the info you will need to your membership. Included is;

· list of tools and equipment

· details about your safety certification

· membership rates and fees

· liability waiver requirements

· workshop responsibilities

· conduct and rules

· roles of city employees

· access hours


The woodworking studio will be operational during these hours:

Monday           Closed

Tuesday           9am – 9pm

Wednesday      9am – 9pm

Thursday          9am – 9pm

Friday               9am – 9pm

Saturday          9am – 9pm

Sunday             9am – 9pm

Machinery and Tools Available

We will attempt to maximize the space on the site and also provide the most equipment available to complete most projects. We will not have every possible piece of equipment but will do our best to ensure we can accommodate most projects and level of craftsperson.

Link to Woodworking Safety Manual


Sylvia Beben

Cultural Development Coordinator

[email protected]

workshop floor plan