Come for the Falls, Fall for the History Visit one of our three museums and find out the story behind the world famous address.  From the formation of the famous falls, to the Indigenous history and the ongoing stories of our community, the Museum provide you a sense of what makes this a truly unique city.

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Niagara Falls History Museum

Visitors to the Museum in the heart of Niagara Falls will experience history first-hand during their visit. While here try on a replica uniform from the War of 1812, feel the heft of a musket, build a bridge to span the Niagara Gorge or walk the tightrope like the daredevils from the past.  The flagship museum offers the most comprehensive visit to the history of the Museum along with an active programme schedule.

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Battle Ground Hotel Museum & the Drummond Hill Cemetery

The Battle Ground Hotel Museum is located on the hallowed grounds of the Lundy’s Lane Battlefield, National Historic Site. The building was bequeathed to the City of Niagara Falls on the death of the prior owner, Ruth Redmond. She was a retired school teacher who purchased buildings on Lundy’s Lane in order to preserve our heritage in the face of modern development. The restored 1850’s tavern displays furnished period rooms and artefacts from the War of 1812. Visitors to the site are given a presentation about village tavern life and early tourism’s fascination with the famed battlefield. The Battle Ground Hotel Museum is the only illustration of a 19th Century inn which exists as a product of the commemoration of the War of 1812, and also as an element of early Ontario tourism. A tower with an observation deck used to be on the property from where early tourists who came to visit the battlefield could have a better view of the area.

Our Rural History

The Willoughby Historical Museum is the rural branch of the Niagara Falls Museums. Whereas the Ferry Street site is grandiose and impressive, this humble one-room schoolhouse provides the perfect setting in which to experience the charm of early life in the area known as Willoughby.

Being a former schoolhouse (Located in the former School Section #2), visitors can admire former report cards and photographs and observe the markings on the floor where the desks were bolted down.  Early life is shown through farming tools and family heirlooms.