Marketing banner which reads "Faces Portraits From Our City Niagara Falls History Museum May 14-Nov 27"

The images shown in this exhibition are the faces from two collections brought together to highlight the classic genre of portraiture.  The artworks included will move the viewer through a variety of themes and media --- from portraits commissioned as statements of power, to the highly stylized constructs found in the abstract. 

Just as we decipher and recognize facial expressions in our daily lives, we can transfer this skill to viewing portraits in a museum. Reading faces routinely relies on the context in which we encounter them as well as our own individual experiences, prejudices and attitudes.  It is this ambiguity and the countless potential interpretations that may be the very reason for the world’s long fascination with portraiture.

Portraits are a commanding form of artwork that connect the viewer (in this case, you) to both the sitter and the artist.  Not always predictable, they allow the artist to push the boundaries of convention and can transport the viewer to a single, often intimate, moment in time.  Come explore these ideas in our new exhibition - "Faces: Portraits from our City".

Portrait of man in suit

Portrait of lady

The exhibition showcases more than 40 portraits from the historical collections of the Niagara Falls Museums and contemporary collection of the Niagara Falls Art Gallery. 

The exhibition is showcased in the Ontario Power Generation Gallery until November 27, 2016.
Price for the exhibition is included in your Museum admission.

Thank you to the Niagara Region for their support of this exhibition through the Niagara Investment in Culture program.

Niagara Investment in Culture