January 14 2015 – April 19 2015

Preserving the diversity of life on earth is not only beneficial but essential to humanity. Learn about the different subject areas of biodiversity, for example the broad perspective of habitats, the relationships between species within food webs, and the gene pools of particular species.

Display cases and text panels from the exhibition

Close up of owl in display case with another owl in the background

Habitat destruction is the most serious threat to biodiversity, but there are others as well. Particular problems in this era of globalization are the trade in endangered species and the introduction of non-native species, which can have devastating consequences. Fortunately there are people and organizations that strive to preserve or restore native habitats and species, and Nature encourages participation in these efforts.

This exhibition also examines the experience of owls with eleven beautiful owl specimens that examine the fascinating and less well-known aspects of owl behaviour, biology and lifestyle.

Multiple display cases showing trees and plants

Display cases showing cats, fish, and bugs