Everyone loves a special occasion — be it India’s Diwali, the New Year in China, the Jewish celebration Hanukkah, Toonik Tyme in Iqaluit or Canada Day — what better way to appreciate the diversity of celebrations in Canada than through Kids Celebrate!, a new travelling exhibition from the Canadian Museum of History.

Kids Celebrate! invites children ages 5 to 12 to learn about the many celebrations that are practiced in their own communities. Although unique to a particular country, culture or religion, celebrations bring families a nd communities together. From large groups of people gathering for a day of festivities to a special moment in a child’s everyday life, it is through these joyous and important occasions that children and families discover and appreciate the traditions of diverse cultures.

Child on stationary bike with fireworks on screen

Kids Celebration traveling exhibition at Markham Museum, 2014 Canadian Museum of History, IMG2014-0195-0012-Dm

The exhibition is divided into four zones, each evoking a different season, family and community setting. Children can learn more about the many celebrations that Canadians enjoy throughout the year – from food, music, decorations and games, to the values of giving, sharing and hope for the future.

Children playing with blocks

Kids Celebration traveling exhibition at Markham Museum, 2014 Canadian Museum of History, IMG2014-0195-0003-Dm

Children and their families will feel a sense of connection to other Canadian families and communities as they identify differences and similarities among traditions, and will come to understand the global nature of celebrating. Young visitors will engage in hands-on activities, discover new games, make crafts, and take on new roles that will stimulate their curiosity and motivate them to explore the many aspects of celebrations in Canada.

A travelling exhibition produced by the Canadian Museum of History and supported by the Government of Canada.

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