A collection of carved wooded bowls.

What is your most important artist tool?

For bowl making it would have to be the wood lathe. It transforms an ugly piece of scrap wood into a one of a kind, functional art piece.

Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

A small collection of vintage woodworking hand tools is an important part of my shop. They are worn in just the right places.

Is there an element of art you enjoy working with most? Why?

I enjoy the mystery of what is beneath the bark of an old tree branch and the satisfaction of producing a finished piece from that branch.

A woodwork studio.

Who is your favorite Canadian artist?

I have been a big fan of Tom Thomson’s work for many years. He captures the beauty of Algonquin Park like no other for me.

Do you have any artistic projects coming up?

Several projects on the books using wood milled from logs from the Historic Stamford Green White Oak tree of which I was lucky enough to acquire from the city. Some amazing grain pattern and rich colour really shows off it’s long history.