Steve Wilson standing beside one of his artworks.

Is there an artwork/song  you are most proud of? Why?

I would say 2 pieces of  mine “You Just Don’t See Them Anymore” and “Dating Social Media Style” is a satirical look at our involvement in our own personal lives and the dependency we have with our electronics and social Media in our social environment that it has changed the way we interact with each other and specifically  in “You Just Don’t See Them Anymore” how we don’t notice what’s going on around us because we are so self-involved in our own world via our electronics

What is your most important artist tool?

my most important artist tool is my mind, the vision of a piece, what I want to accomplish in it, how I want to portray in 1 single image an idea or thought that will engage the viewer, maybe inspire them or start a conversation around my work or idea

Is there an element of art you enjoy working with most? Why?

I would say conveying an idea or satirical look at our society by challenging the viewer about how we perceive our world and how our use of social media and our electronics has changed the way we communicate and deal with others in this world.

Steve Wilson's studio interior.

What work of art have you seen recently that you can’t get out of your head?

The work of ???, I attended a symposium for a week with him just outside of Istanbul Turkey in 2016 and the style of his work is so unique I was  inspired by him –I’m not trying to copy him but put my own spin of the style to incorporate into my work, it’s so different than what I’m doing now but I really am trying to adopt this into my own work, I’m not ready to show yet as I need to refine the technique before I am comfortable to introduce it to the public.

Who are your favorite writers?

 My wife, she has a novella published, a second novella already written and waiting to be publish later this year and a book of short stories and she has a novel in the works along with several other short stories– her works is captivating, creative, and offers surprise turns and twists We will be having a book launch event at the gallery  when we get the new work published.

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