Ashlee Standish playing piano.

What is your most important artist tool?

My mind. And my phone, for recording song ideas.

How did you start making music?

Playing other people’s beautiful works of music for so long, one day I sat at the keys and let my mind wander and started experimenting with chords, rhythms, tones. Life events trigger artistic releases and lets the lyrics flow. I sometimes start writing melodies on guitar, and inevitably bring it to the keys where it takes on a life of its own.

Song that changed your life

Hard to choose. Power of Good Bye by Madonna. So powerful. Makes me cry.

Ashlee playing piano outside.

What inspires you?

My son Roddy. Nature. Positivity. Tenacious, hardworking people who don’t give up. My friends, who encourage me to try harder and be better.

Upcoming artistic projects

Yes! A few but currently a collaboration of fine art/music with my friend/artist Christopher Pew. He’s painting me from real life as I play the piano at my home, and I am writing an instrumental to coincide with the work.

Also, I am a musical guest on the new My Son the Hurricane’s anticipated album, coming out this spring.

Facebook: AshleeStandishMusic