My studio is usually wherever I am so a peek in the studio for me is an interesting concept.

A portrait of Ashley Marazzo

What Inspires you?

I am endlessly inspired by history, mythology, nature and everyday events.

I find inspiration in the power of human curiosity, I believe it is one of the most influential aspects of human nature which we often take for granted and give little credence to. Without it we would never aspire to achieve anything other than the tasks directly in front of us. There would be no inventions, no exploration, fashion, food, art, etc.

Often when walking through nature I will observe different Shapes, textures and layers which come together to make the whole plant, and general area.

When I walk into a room I can visualize artwork coming to life in the space and see how the space can be transformed.

The one thing I adore about the mediums I work with is that it gives me the opportunity to create anywhere. In the winter and rain my studio can be my laundry room, living room, a cafe, etc. In the nicer weather I can usually be found outside.

Which talent would you most like to have?

I would love it if I could draw, this way I would be able to sketch out pieces that come alive in my mind.

I have made peace that drawing is not a “natural” talent of mine, however after many years of practice I no longer have to write explanations next to the sketches such as “this is a teapot, not an anteater”.

My trees and some flower designs have also made slight headway.

How did you start making art?

I have always made art in some form or another, I just called it “crafting” for years as I lacked the confidence and support to call myself an Artist.

As a child (around age 10) I crushed grapes and used a plant to spread it onto a wooden doll sized dresser I had, It made a lovely wood stain. I did many things like this growing up, always looking at what was around me and figuring out how to use what I had to create something magical.

My Nanny used to call me her “little white witch” because I would raid the garden for dandelions, raspberries and various plants to create with.

I began to fully focus on my art and take it more seriously about eight years ago.

Ashley working on an art piece.

What do you like to read?

I enjoy reading a plethora of literature. Some days if I want something light I will break out a short story compilation (Charles de Lint is a favourite), even a children’s book on occasion.

Other days it is everything from Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman to the founders of Philosophy and history books. Their pages full of hidden truths, masters of invention, amazing handmade pieces of the most intricate nature hand made with the most basic primal tools. It highlights the strengths and trials of humanity.

Do you have any artistic projects coming up?


This time around , more specifically I am working on the largest, most interactive installation I have created to date. It involves many mediums such as metal, wood, bones, leather and cement.

This installation is being created to trigger a heightened response to life and how precious it is; Often we lose sight of the simple joys and miracles of everyday life.

We get so bogged down with work, drama, news, taking care of family and friends that it clouds our minds and blocks out the mystical in the mundane all around us.

Life can seem overbearing and daunting with no sense of hope or carry a monotonous tone, only highlighting the worst of times so we lose sight of the beautiful moments unique to our own life experience.

We need to be reminded of how precious and amazing life can be, it is all about your perception, the angle of the lens is everything. We cannot control outside forces or terrible things which have the ability to unfold without warning , however we can control ( with lots of practice) how we look at and respond to each life event.

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