This local artist is sure to surprise you with his fantastic glass work! Niagara Falls local artist Steven Woodruff, AKA Woody, is the owner of Studio Glass Vine Art Studio. After many years of studying art at various Colleges and Universities across the country, Woody opened his own glass blowing studio. His studio was once an old car garage, but he built it himself from the ground up into what it is today (including all the glass blowing tools and machinery needed).  As a kid, Woody always took an interest in art. Originally, glass blowing was just his minor in school, but glass blowing truly captured him. Though it is one of the oldest and unchanged art forms, he was determined to master the craft. The uniqueness of working with glass as a material and tough (and hot!) work environment was one he instantly loved. He is multi-disciplined in glassware and has turned his passion into a reality.

Not only is Studio Vine Glass an amazing studio in itself, but Woody is a cool person as well. He dedicated tattoo’s on one of his arms specifically to glassblowing. He has various glass blowing symbolism and signs throughout his arm all representing his craft. Something interesting about this is he actually traded his art for all his tattoos! 

His studio specializes in high-end drinking ware he has sold locally and internationally, including supplying glassware to various wineries in Niagara. Each piece can take from 15 minutes to well over an hour, depending on the size and uniqueness of the piece. While we were visiting his studio, Woody demonstrated the process of making glass, and he definitely makes it look way easier than it is. Creating glassware is an extremely difficult craft and requires tons of concentration and knowledge. Not-to-mention the hot atmosphere he needs to work in to ensure the glass can and will melt. In addition, he also works with various amounts of material, including bronze and steel. Another interesting aspect of his business is the live-casting pieces he creates using real models. He is able to capture their true form through a long, multi-step art process, but makes for some magnificent pieces. Woody also offers glass blowing lessons you can book with him to anyone interested in learning about the art and has a separate business for high-quality glass adult toys called “Work It Hot”. 

Colourful glasses on shelves

Person creating glassware using furnace

Glassware on display

Person posing with partially-created piece of glassware


Photos and content by Olivia Ethier