Flying Saucer restaurant sign

Area 51 has nothing on this unique restaurant! Anyone local knows exactly where we’re talking about… The Flying Saucer…

This restaurant is a huge part, and almost right-of-passage, for those in Niagara Falls, and the name tells you why! This restaurant is completely outer space-themed. From the interior decor to their menu items, there is no shortage of an out-of-this-world experience when you dine at the Flying Saucer. 

This restaurant started with one local boy, Henry, who had a fascination with all things galactical. His Sci-Fi daydreams and talents within the restaurant industry led to the opening of the Flying Saucer in its current location. However, it actually started as a drive-in restaurant. This means that you would drive to the parking lot and the servers would actually roller skate to your car with your orders and food!   This particular atmosphere really took off, leading to the creation of their first UFO-shaped dining room. Its continuous success allowed the restaurant to expand about twenty years ago. They build the second “saucer” to accommodate more diners, and to create their own take-out section.

The breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu make it an ideal place for all people. Kids love the authentic spaceship experience, complete with the view of ‘neighboring spaceships’.

With that being said, it is also a perfect spot to lounge around with friends and get a bite to eat. Their low prices combined with a cosmic-themed menu make for a guaranteed fun time. Not to mention you get to literally sit inside a flying saucer! You can “blast off” at the start of your experience sharing appetizers, or dive right into some of “E.T’s Favourites”. Despite what you end up ordering, you have to try an order of their signature saucer fries. Almost anyone who has dined at the saucer knows that their fries are one of the best parts of their experience. Therefore, if you are looking to feel just like a local, you know what to order!

One more notable thing is the decor throughout the restaurant. It is covered in tons of fun and unique alien-themed things. From images to jokes to statues, there is guaranteed to be something to catch your interest. 

This cool alien had to be one of our favorites. You can get the true feeling of eating in a UFO with him watching over you! There are so many space decorations throughout the restaurant you will always be entertained. 

After you dine, your experience does not need to end! On their website, they have an entire page dedicated to the selfies of their diners. You just upload your image and they can feature your photo on their website and/or social media. 

On a more mysterious note, they also ask for submissions of any UFO sightings. If you have ever caught something you believe is a UFO in a picture, be sure to upload it so others can see it as well. As long as it is your own image, you can upload it to their sightings gallery for all to see. 

You can find this restaurant at 6768 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls, ON, or you can call them at (905) 356-4553 for more information. 

Flying Saucer restaurant booths

Plate of french fries

Alien wall decoration


Photos and content by Olivia Ethier