Niagara Falls is a city full of many hidden treasures, and some of the best places to spot these are through some of the unique thrift stores located throughout the city. We went into three local thrift stores and found lots of amazing finds. If you are someone who is interested in thrifting, these stores are definitely a must-go. 

White Whale

Located in Downtown Niagara Falls, “the White Whale” is one of the coolest spots to check out. The collection of the items inside is not like your typical thrift store. They carry many rarities, from clothes to collectibles, that make the trip worth it. 

Seeing the variety of different things was one of the best parts. There were a ton of vintage matches and key changes that are such cool finds, not to mention all the other rare collectibles that this store has to offer. 

They also had a huge selection of retro gaming systems and electronics, including Wii’s, previous models of Playstations and XBox’s, VCRs, and camcorders, all in amazing condition. 

In addition, the owner of “The White Whale” is an amazing artist. He was given a grant from the City of Niagara Falls to design and build a phenomenal robot sculpture. This eye-catching piece is nearly impossible to miss from their front window and was a great touch to the overall aesthetic of the thrift store.

Vincent’s Store

This thrift store gives a bit of a different vibe than “The White Whale”. Located on Lundy’s Lane, Vincent’s store carries a lot more items that you may casually be looking for. They have a large selection of used clothing and shoes for all occasions and ages, including tons of name-brand vintage finds. There were so many unique and trendy pieces that caught my eye while looking through. This is a great thrift store if you love dressing in a ‘vintage vibe’. We found an adorable vintage red JH Collectable Blazer and Skirt set, and matching red heels in the shoe section. It was the cutest outfit I have found thrifting in a while!

They also carry many useful appliances as well. They have a section specifically for kitchen stuff with so many items you never have seen before. There was so much beautifully designed kitchenware as well. The classic look of these items made it hard not to buy everything.

Evergreen Thrift Store

Evergreen Thrift Store, located on Ferry St., is another phenomenal place to thrift. Their wide range selection makes sure that there is something for everybody to find. They have tons of clothes to choose from, as well as other unique items donated from the community. They have so many fun shot glasses and cups to look through that would be great conversation pieces when having people over that no one will have seen before. 

One of the most unique things about this thrift store is how they give back to the community. Not only do they recycle used items, but they also choose a different ‘cause of the month’ each month of the year that they donate and support. 

Taking care of the planet is also very important to the community within “Evergreen Thrift Stores”.They ensure that their store does not contribute to waste. In a world with limited resources, they strive to reuse items as much as possible. They also have adopted a local park called “Grey Robinson Park”.  They have done their part to make sure to keep this park a clean part of the city. 

White Whale entrance

Robot made of recycled materials

Vincent's Thrift Store entrance

Red shoes

Evergreen Thrift Store

Cups and saucers on display

Photos and content by Olivia Ethier