This has to be one of the coolest places we have visited yet. The J-OH community, located at 5765 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls, ON, is a newer establishment in Niagara but is already made its mark in our culture. It is more than just your typical place as it is a complete triple threat with displays of various amazing art pieces, creating their own line of clothing, and providing barber services. 

The owner of J-OH’s, Josh, opened the company back in March 2021, only to need to shut down with COVID lockdown protocols. Despite these setbacks, Josh came in touch with his entrepreneurial drive and set up J-OH’s for success. They have been expanding since re-opening and things are looking better than ever for their brand. 

Overall, J-OH”s have created a specific brand that is unique to them and different from the rest of the city, allowing them to leave their mark and shape their brand. Their location has created a space where creativity is welcomed. Josh (the owner) and Felix  (one of the artists) have created multiple art pieces that they have displayed throughout the building. All the art inside J-OH’s has been created right here in Niagara Falls by their staff and all staff is local. Currently, they only have staff-created pieces throughout the shop, but they hope in the future they can extend this and feature art from various local artists as well, as a way to further promote creativity throughout Niagara Falls. 

Additionally, J-OH has worked hard to create its own brand of clothing. Their clothes give off the trendy ‘streetwear’ vibe that always gives off a cool aesthetic. Their clothing brand reflects their brand well and fits with their overall vibe. Its 

The casual look makes it easy to match with any outfit and they have a large selection of different clothing. 

This location offers barber services as well. In the back, they have multiple rooms for each barber to work their magic in. They are all modernized and different from one another. Each barber’s room had its own personal touches added to it to really make it their own. They display their art and other interests through the room to decorate. Hair cuts are currently given out by one of two barbers, both of who are incredibly talented. You can check out their Instagram, @johcorp, to see some of their haircuts and artwork, or for more information.

Colourful artwork on wall

Clothes for sale on display

Barbershop chair


Photos and content by Olivia Ethier