Artists, cooperatives and craftspeople who rent studio space are addressed here as “Artists”. A Membership Selection Committee will be comprised of current Artists. All applications are assessed by the City and its Membership Selection Committee, which is composed of Studio Artists and other potential stakeholders.

Note: When the applicant is an individual artist, the committee does not take into account the applicant’s artwork as part of the selection process. To apply, the following information will be requested:

· General info (name, contact, website, social media, etc.) (PDF named-ArtistNameGeneralInformation.pdf)

· Artist CV (PDF named– ArtistNameCV.pdf)

· Statement of Interest (should include: why you are interested in the opportunity, how the space will enhance your artistic/professional development how you propose to use the space (PDF named– ArtistNameSofI.pdf)

· Short Term applicants may simply include a project that they hope to achieve at their time at the Exchange (PDF named– ArtistNameSTSofI.pdf)

· A proposal for the Value Exchange Program which encourages community engagement. (PDF named– ArtistNameVXP.pdf)

The selection process involves determining which applicants:

· Are best suited to the space

· Will make the strongest Value Exchange contributions

· Priority given to artists with a Niagara Falls connection


*all fees include HST

Single spaces measure minimum 15 square meters

Collective/double spaces measure minimum 30 square meters

Hotdesk is located at communal table/workstation

Monthly single $125

Monthly single with storage $175

6 Month single $650

6 Month single with storage $900

Annual single $1000

Annual single with Storage $1500

Annual double $2000

3 Month Hotdesk $200

Annual Hotdesk $600

Annual Hotdesk with storage $1100

Cost to replace lost access key $50


Tenants may pay by credit card or cash/Interac.

Cash or Interac payments must be made in person at the Niagara Falls History Museum for the full duration of the rental term.

Credit card payments can be made at the Exchange or at the Niagara Falls History Museum for the full duration of the term. Credit card installment payments are also available.


The City of Niagara Falls recognizes the annual tax-based contribution provided by its residents toward the development, capital maintenance costs and operation of the Exchange buildings and grounds.

Once the committee and the City have reviewed applications, selected applicants may be interviewed. Some shortlisted applicants may also be interviewed. The City will work with committees to advise on selection. The Membership Selection Committee will assess eligibility based on the Professional Artist Criteria.

· Dedication to personal artistic practice

· How will the applicant seek to animate and participate in the building community and the wider

· Arts community based on their the Value Exchange Program commitment

· What duration of membership are they committing to (with 1 year commitment receiving the highest marks and lower scores for 6 month, 3 month)

· What is the applicant’s history of service to local communities, artistic communities, etc.?

The committees may provide a higher score for an individual applicant over a collective. Applications will be held for one year.


It is important to recognize that during assessment you may disagree with the Review Committee’s decision regarding the application you submit. If this situation occurs, you must follow the procedure below. Candidates will have the right of appeal against the decision if:

• You are dissatisfied with the way the assessment was carried out

• You disagree with the assessment decision set against the performance criteria

• You feel you have experienced discrimination in the assessment process


If you think any of the above apply, you should firstly discuss this with Cultural Staff. They will make a record that the decision was appealed against. You will be given a clear explanation regarding the decision and issues relating to your application.

Should you remain dissatisfied, then you must formally submit an appeal in writing within 10 days of this discussion with Cultural Staff. The appeal must be submitted in writing. This should be sent to the:

Manager of Culture & Museums 5810 Ferry Street Niagara Falls, ON L2G 1S9 [email protected]

If, in the opinion of the Manager of Culture & Museums, there are sufficient grounds to doubt the validity of the candidate’s application, an independent review will occur.

Possible outcomes of the appeals procedure: • The Candidate is re-evaluated

• Evidence is re-appraised • Request for additional material