Spend some time online with us today as these short videos highlight the Museum's collection and the history of our famous City.

picture of woven textile

Woven Textiles from the Collection

picture of 1850s tavern

Battle Ground Hotel: Deconstructed

pixelated picture of a manThe Green Book in Niagara

picture of a quilt

Quilts of Early Niagara Falls

Several women sitting at a tableImperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE)

Maple tree tap

Maple Syrup

picture of a store with a large R on the front of itRosbergs Department Store

Man seated on a coach with two horses in front of it

Morse & Sons Funeral Home

Man with car and tentTourist Camps in Niagara Falls
Man at base of Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls in Winter

woman standing in front of a paintingChippawa Creek by Magda Fuzessery

back of a postcard with some writing on it

Valentine's Day

Coloured photograph of waves in the foreground with a bridge off in distanceHoneymoon Bridge

black and white photograph of a boat and trees

Doctor Gray

picture of a bottle with Niagara Dry written on it with a picture of Niagara Falls in vibrant coloursSpring Water Bottling Works & Niagara Dry

black and white photo of a man with the History at Home logo

Louis Guillou

Side profile of a man with headdressBorder Crossing Celebration

painting of a brick house by claire shuttleworth

Claire Shuttleworth

painting of a store and streetscapeThorburn's Pharmacy

black and white photo of a soldier

Holidays in the Collection

Black and white photo of a man and womenRay Corry Bond

Picture of an event at Willoughby Historical Museum with a women in period dress and logging wheels and museum in background

Log Hauling Wheels

purple bottle on a table with a window in backgroundShrub drink

Interior of tavern

Breweries of Niagara Falls

photograph of a porch mat that spells Kick's in beadsKick's Hotel

Black and white photograph of a large building

Loretto Academy

frame art work composed of bugs and beetlesVictorian Insect Art

Museum staff crating a large painting in a church lobby

Circuit Riders by Tony Urquhart

conservator at CCI working on a textileBattlefield Uniform Fragment

black and white photo of a stone structure

Queen Victoria Fountain

History at home logo with factory in background

Oneida Silver Company

Photograph of a church

Stamford Green

Black and white photo of towers on lundy's laneLundy's Lane Observatories

Poster featuring Nik wallenda during his tightrope walk across Niagara Falls

Nik Wallenda

photo of a women holding wampumTreaty of Niagara

Image of Gordon Drummond

Sir Gordon Drummond

black and white photograph of a manWilliam Dalton

history at home logo with lundy's lane gateway in background

Battle of Lundy's Lane Commemoration

History at home logo

Karel Soucek

Red purse with white beads

Tuscarora Beaded Purse

photograph of a manNathaniel Dett

Picture of insurance plaque on display

 The Water Pumper

photo of black fabric with gold tassles and embellishments

Stephen Peer - tightrope walker

Photo of a horse and two people

Stamford Racetrack

photograph of a gentleman

The Clifton Hotels

photograph of cranberry glass jug

The McAfee Glass Collection

Photograph of a man sitting on a chairOliver Pernell

History at Home logo

Elizabeth Lundy

Black and white photograph of elderly man identified as Burr Plato

Burr Plato

History at Home logo

James Thompson Coatee

history at home logo

Jennet Cooper's Wedding Dress

picture of a corset

Spirella Corset Factory

woman with large hatAnnie Edson Taylor

photo of a red jacket with an epaulet

John Mewburn and the Fenian Raids

History at Home logo with large brick building in backgroundStamford Township Hall

Logo of History at Home with taxidermied birds in background

South American Bird Display

Advertising for Tremaine Map makersThe 1862 Tremaine Map

Photograph of Blondin


picture of women sitting in Niagara GorgeSnake walking cane

Picture of souvenirs in a display at the museum


Picture of the top of a baseball uniform with CSW&CO on front

Canadian Shredded Wheat Company Baseball Uniform


Bridges over the Niagara River



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