Niagara Falls Public Library – great resource for many areas of historic interest. The link takes you to their Digital Collections which provides a view with many images in their collection along with other aspects of our past. Their database can also check newspaper clippings and other valuable references.

Brock Map Library – wonderful collection of early maps of Niagara.

City of Niagara Falls Heritage Properties

Niagara Frontier - General information about Niagara Falls, geological origin, waterways, power, history and contemporary issues.

Historic Places - Federal website dedicated to locating spaces of significance in our country.  The link provided takes you to a search of sites that are found within Niagara Falls.

Remembering Niagara's Proud Black History - a Virtual Museums of Canada exhibition developed by the BME Church, Niagara Falls


The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies - an introductory site, contains such information as who the Loyalists were. Also contains a search engine, the site still under construction in some areas.

Black Loyalists - information on early Ontario Black History

The Story of Butler’s Rangers and the settlement of Niagara by E.A. Cruikshank- digital book

The Loyalists and Six Nation Indians in the Niagara Peninsula by Wilbur Siebert- digital book

Upper Canada Land Petitions– great resource for tracking down people who petitioned for land in Upper Canada between 1763-1865


Fort George

Documentary History of the War of 1812 by Cruikshank (Part 1)
Documentary History of the War of 1812 by Cruikshank (Part 2) - digital book, this is a searchable document of the history by Cruikshank written at the turn of the 20th century. The series is made of a series of primary documents written during the War of 1812 that pertain to the invasion, loss and recapturing of the land near the Niagara Frontier.

Niagara Parks Commission – Chippawa Battlefield Park - introductory site and for visitation purposes

Archives of Ontario War of 1812 Virtual Exhibition

1812 History – A database of artefacts from Museums related to the War

War of 1812 Casualty Database – Great source of information about British regulars who served and died during this war. One can search for individuals and for those who died in certain battles. Locally, check out Chippawa, Lundy’s Lane and the Niagara Frontier.

War of 1812 Graveside Project - A 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812 project to mark the graves of 1812 veterans.  Not comprehensive, however good detail on those who have been identified.  Link takes you to the full listing of all markers.

The Books of Remembrance - contains the names of Canadians that either fought and died during or after a war. These books are kept in the Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower at Parliament Hill

Soldiers of the First World War (1914-1918), CEF – a database of the Canadian Expeditionary Force service files held by Library and Archives Canada.

Second World War Service Files: Canadian Armed Forces War Dead (1939-1945)- a database of service files held by Library and Archives Canada

A List of Pensioners of the War of 1812- interesting early book providing some US perspectives on the War and those who survived.

The Veterans– a series of interview of Canadian veterans.

The Memory Project– Developed by the Historica-Dominion Institue, this website provide personal stories of those who served during WWII. It is also possible for new stories to be uploaded and shared.

Canadian Encyclopedia - War of 1812– a very comprehensive overview of the War developed by the Historica-Dominion Institute and Heritage Canada.

Loxleys and the War of 1812 - a unique perspective on the War of 1812, this animated film includes a study guide for teachers. The link is to the National Film Board that provides a link to a trailer, a downloadable app and a study guide.

Ukrainian Internment -Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund. Contains genera information about the Ukrainian First World War Internment as well as Newspaper articles surrounding the Internment Sites, such as the Niagara Falls Armoury. Check out their new virtual exhibition.


Empathic Tradition - a virtual exhibition of our Indigenous Collection.  Along with a good summary of Indigenous history in Niagara.

Ontario Archaeology: A Summary - developed by the Ontario Archeological Association

Ontario Archaeology Guide - developed by ASI this is a very condensed version of the above link

Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage – Good site developed by the Canadian Museum of Civilization, it is helpful if you know a specific nation you are exploring before diving into this one.

Treaties with Aboriginal People[s] in Canada – very extensive site that is very useful

Niagara Regional Native Centre - Organization which offers programs and services to all age groups, both Native and non-Native. Website includes a listing of those programs offered. 

Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre -Established to help the communities heal and reclaim their identity after decades of restrictions to Native traditions and culture. Offers a variety of programs for persons in every life stage. Also offers a digital library including videos and photographs.

Woodland Cultural Centre -an Indigenous education and cultural center established to protect, promote and preserve the history, language, intellect and cultural heritage of the Anishinaabe and Onkwehon:we peoples. Situated in the former Residential School, the Mohawk Institute, the Centre also has a program focused on the history of the Residential Schools with the "Save the Evidence" Campaign.


Motels of Niagara Falls - Museum created a HistoryPin collection. Showcasing postcards of motels in their associated Geolocation.


River Road Niagara Falls - a history of the buildings and heritage along the lower river


Cemeteries of Niagara Falls Database - wonderful resource

Ontario Census of 1871 – Welland County – Great listing for all former Niagara Falls towns and townships

Morse and Sons Funeral Home Records - a great collection of funerals from a funeral home operating in Niagara Falls since 1826. Indexing was done by the Niagara Branch of the OGS and you can find this material under indexes

The Canadian County Atlas Digital Project – Ontario Counties

Canadian Genealogy Centre

Where the Niagara Settlers Lived – a good extensive site for early family history


A Century of Steam and Sail on the Niagara River

Railroads of Niagara

Niagara, St. Catharines & Toronto Railway

Historic Bridges of Niagara Falls - a great listing of the bridges in the city and with great details.  The website is a North American listing, so everything you needed to know about many, many bridges


Town of Lincoln’s Museum & Cultural Centre 

Niagara Historical Museum

Niagara Falls Art Gallery

Niagara Military Museum

St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre

Grimsby Public Art Gallery

West Lincoln Historical Society

Port Colborne Museum

Welland Museum


Spies In the Shadows - Canadian espionage history

Care of Objects– The Canadian Conservation Institute is the leading authority in Canada for Care of Collections.  The link has very detailed notes on how to care for and preserve your collection, no matter what it is.

Biographical index of Canadian Architects – it is what it is

Internet Archive – great source for a huge variety of information, including a large number of early history books.


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