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  • Tue
    9:30 AM

    Christmas Bird Count for Kids at Heartland ForestExpand/Collapse

    Christmas Bird Count for Kids is best suited for children 7 years and older, meet Louis in the atrium at 9:30am and then head outside on a guided bird count Findings are submitted to Nature Counts and eBird Canada, where they can be used in scientific research. Bring binoculars if you have them and weather appropriate clothing and shoes as we will be outside. Christmas Bird Count for Kids at Heartland Forest information
  • Wed
    10:00 AM

    Animal Tracking at Heartland ForestExpand/Collapse

    Learn to identify common animal tracks and test those skills with hands-on activities and a trail walk through our forest as we look for tracks. make sure to dress appropriately for the trail walk portion. We will be running drop in activities Jan 3-6, check out our website for more details Animal Tracking at Heartland Forest information
  • Thu
    10:00 AM

    Animal & Artifact Exploration at Heartland ForestExpand/Collapse

    Participate in a presentation where you'll be able to learn about the natural world and the animals we have here at heartland forest. You will get the chance to meet our resident animals close up and explore our nature artifacts. We will be hosting drop-in activities all week (Jan 3-6, 2023). Check out our website for more details Animal & Artifact Exploration at Heartland Forest information
  • Fri
    10:00 AM

    Rocks and Fossils at Heartland ForestExpand/Collapse

    Come learn about the geological history of the Niagara Region and take a look at the rocks that make up Ontario and some fossils that are commonly found there.This is the final drop in event for families that we are hosting this week, stay tuned for future presentations or activities by signing up for our monthly newsletter on our website. Rocks and Fossils at Heartland Forest information

    Tool of Tools: NiagaraExpand/Collapse

    Image for Tool of Tools: Niagara


    Drawing inspiration from different interactions and movements in our everyday lives, this exhibition highlights Niagara’s community, culture, and connectivity.

    Empowering artwork that will allow space for authentic conversations, the collection reflects on the most frequently symbolized part of not only the human body but of human interaction. Our actions, gestures, movements, and connections remind us that the symbolism of our hands is rich and varied.

    "He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist."

    Tool of Tools: Niagara information
  • Thu
    7:00 PM

    Tutmania: The Great Discovery of the Tomb of TutankhamunExpand/Collapse

    Image for Tutmania: The Great Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun

    Let’s embark on a journey back 100 years ago, when the world became enraptured with the treasures of Tut. Learn about the discovery of Tutankhamen and how it influenced the world around him in the 1920s.... all the way until today, a century later! To register for this free event, click here

  • Thu
    6:45 PM

    Winter Film Series: The Bucket ListExpand/Collapse

    Image for Winter Film Series: The Bucket List

    Buddy-comedy: Two terminally men take to the road guided by a wish list of adventure. Starring Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Sean Hayes.

    Winter Film Series: The Bucket List information
  • Thu
    7:00 PM

    Living Out StoriesExpand/Collapse

    Image for Living Out Stories

    Join Falynn Shaw as she hosts the new Living Out Stories series for the LGBTQ+ and straight communities alike. Be a part of these much-needed conversations in the Niagara Region. All are welcome! This week's guest is Theo Tams. Theo was born in the small town of Coaldale, Alberta and has released 4 records, including the Canadian Radio Music Award-nominated “Sing” from his debut album “Give It All Away”. After winning Canadian Idol 2008, he wowed not only the judges but the country with his powerhouse vocals and his innate ability to interpret songs from all genres while maintaining a strong sense of self as well as his unique piano-driven sound.

    To register for this event, click here

  • Fri
    11:00 AM

    PD Day - Dinosaur DetectivesExpand/Collapse

    Image for PD Day - Dinosaur Detectives

    Rediscover a world you thought you knew.  Join Club Rex as we unpack all the latest news from the field and explore the newest dinosaurs and discoveries from the last few years.  Learn how to identify dinosaur fossils with our amazing collection of skulls, teeth, claws and more!  If you love dinosaurs, we just became best friends!

    To register for the 11am show, click here

    Click here to register for the 1pm show

  • Mon
    10:00 AM

    Earth Rangers for Family DayExpand/Collapse

    Image for Earth Rangers for Family Day

    Spend Family Day exploring biodiversity and habitat conservation @ the Museum! Join the Earth Rangers for live animal shows at: 11am, 1pm, 2pm, & 3pm. This unique and up-close encounter with their animal ambassadors will leave you educated and inspired to help protect animals in the wild. Sponsored by Ontario Power Generation. Other activities include scavenger hunts, crafts, and three galleries full of artefacts that explore our local history!  

    Earth Rangers for Family Day information
  • Thu
    6:45 PM

    Winter Film Series: Shock and AweExpand/Collapse

    Image for Winter Film Series: Shock and Awe

    Bio-drama: Journalists question President George Bush’s planned invasion of Iraq (2003). Starring Woody Harrelson, James Marsden, Rob Reiner.

    Winter Film Series: Shock and Awe information
  • Thu
    7:00 PM

    Realities of Life for First Nation People Living in Canada TodayExpand/Collapse

    Image for Realities of Life for First Nation People Living in Canada Today

    Participants will review the health and socio-economic conditions experienced by indigenous people as a means to understand the huge gap in the standards of living that exists between indigenous people and other Canadians. This information will be paired with culturally relevant approaches and self-determination as it applies to the well-being of indigenous people. 

    To register for this free online event, click here