The Rehoboth/Faith Fellowship Christian Reformed Church


With the destruction in Europe during the Second World War many immigrants from the Netherlands chose to come to Canada. Close ties had been established with this country, with the Dutch Royal family having taken refuge here during the war and the Canadian military being seen as bearing a significant role in the liberation of Holland. The rich farmlands of the Niagara area as well as the many industries attracted great numbers. They brought with them their Calvinistic reformation traditions. A group of them chose to establish a Reformed church in 1952 and services were held in Stamford Memorial Hall. A house on Carroll Avenue was purchased for the use of the various clubs and societies. In 1956 two lots were purchased on Montrose Road for $3000. Loans were secured and a parsonage was built on the property The Reverend Harry Numan was called to be pastor and served in that capacity until 1962.

Rehoboth Christian Reformed Church
Image Courtesy of the Niagara Falls Public Library Record ID 9953

The membership was spread across the whole Niagara Peninsula. They were eager to have their own place of worship. Some thought the property on Montrose was too desolate a spot to build. When the Baptist Church building on Jepson Street came up for sale, some thought it too old a
building and in need of significant repair.

After long debate the decision was made to buy the Jepson property and it was given the biblical name Rehoboth, meaning “The LORD has given us room”. The property on Carroll Street was sold and the house next to the church was bought as a parsonage. The popular name “the Dutch Church” was set aside in favour of the title, “The Christian Reformed Church.

By 1975 the congregation had grown to about 400 people and its members had become well integrated into Canadian Society. There was a need for new washrooms, as well as rooms for catechism instruction, cadets and kitchen facilities. A walkway and entrance from the read was required as well as parking space for busses. When costs were calculated the plan for a three
storey addition was downsized to a two storey addition.

By 1991 it was evident that consideration of a new building was out of the question and further repairs were undertaken. When total repairs to the roof were completed in 2015 the name of the church was officially changed to Faith Fellowship Christian Reformed Church.

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