Rivoli Iesulauro

Image of Rivoli Iesulauro

Rivoli Iesulauro was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and began his formal piano training at age 13. Though he left to study under Isidor Philipp, a world renowned concert pianist in New York City, and then at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, it was here in Niagara that he returned to pass on his incredible talent for music to hundreds of future piano students. He has taught all levels of piano in Niagara Falls for over 75 years, and many former students are now enjoying careers in music as teachers, performers, researchers, and composers. He has always celebrated the accolades of his students rather than himself - among these are Stephan Moccio, an award-winning musician and composer and a Wall of Fame inductee from 2007 as well as concert pianists Dr. Stephanie Weaver and Dr. Jee Yeon Ryu.

In 2003, he received the Special Teacher of Ontario Registered Music Award, and he spent years deeply involved in the Kiwanis Music Festival as a member of the piano music selection committee until 1996. Over 30 of his students are now teachers themselves, and many name Mr. Iesulauro as a direct inspiration.

His dedication and commitment to his students and to furthering the careers of Niagara Falls’ future musicians has always been extraordinary, and his many awards for teaching as well as the success and eternal gratitude and affection of his many students speak to his remarkable character.