Maria Vetere

Image of Maria Vetere

Born and raised in Niagara Falls, Maria (Mary-Lou) Vetere is a “triple threat artist”: award winning performer, scholar, and sought-after music pedagogue with a B.Mus in Music Performance, an M.A. in Music, and a PhD in Historical Musicology from SUNY at Buffalo (Magna Cum Laude). She has been the recipient of numerous awards, recognition, scholarships, and has represented Niagara on the local, provincial, national, and international stage.

Her scholarly research on Italian opera has been acclaimed as “groundbreaking.” A world-class Italian soprano, she has performed in all of the musical capitals of the world and in 2019 she made her much-lauded debut at Carnegie Hall. In 2015, she co-founded Operavision Academy
with her colleague and mentor Aprile Millo, which brings aspiring singers and opera professionals from across the globe to study and teach opera in Italy every summer. It is now recognized by the Federal Government as a cultural exponent of Canada. One of the greatest privileges of her life was to be conducted by legendary Bel Canto Maestro Richard Bonynge, husband of soprano Joan Sutherland, who remains a strong supporter of Maria. In 2017, she both received the highest honour of the NYIOP International Auditions for vocal excellence in a female internationally, and founded the first Opera company in the Niagara region – Opera Niagara - making Niagara Falls a globally recognized operatic city. Opera Niagara’s performances have been acclaimed in Opera Canada Magazine. Dr. Vetere also founded and teaches at ‘Vetere Studio International’ which boasts over 60 artists over five continents.

Through all of her artistic endeavours that bring her around the world, Dr. Vetere has continued to make Niagara Falls her hometown base and resides in the heart of our city. She stands as a spotlight of cultural excellence and continues to highlight Niagara on a global scale.