Kevin Lafferty

Image of Kevin Lafferty

Kevin Lafferty was born in Rockaway, New York in 1966. His family moved to Niagara Falls in the fall of 1970.
Kevin attended Father Hennepin Catholic Elementary School and graduated from Saint Paul Catholic High
School in 1984.
Kevin developed an interest in filmmaking from an early age, and produced and directed Super-8 home
movies with his friends as a teenager. After receiving a degree in Film Studies from Carleton University in
Ottawa in 1987, Kevin moved to Toronto and began working as a television production assistant. By the end of
the 90's Kevin was producing for Toronto-based Alliance Communications.
Since that time he has amassed an extensive resume of film and television production credits, including many
well-known Disney productions and numerous high-profile television series.
Kevin has produced television series and movies for major international distributors and broadcasters such as
Disney, NBC, CBS, ABC, CBC, CTV, Global, ABC Family, Warner Brothers Television, USA Network, MTV, the Syfy
Network, Showtime, and New Line Cinema.
Frequently recognized for his accomplishments, Kevin was awarded the Andrew Carnegie Medal for “Jump In”
in 2008. In 2010, he received an Emmy Award for his work on “Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie”.