Kris Collver

Image of Kris Collver

Kris was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1981 and was raised in Niagara Falls. Known as “The KaC Himself”, Kris
is “all about the music”. Six years ago, he “got the itch” for hip hop from a friend who recorded his own CDs.
He started dabbling with lyrics and developed his own style.
Kris has recorded 16 albums in six years and plays nearly one hundred shows a year. KaC is a huge supporter of
giving back to the community. He donates 100% of the proceeds from his performances and merchandise to a
number of different charities. He supports the Boys & Girls Club of Niagara, Sick Kids Hospital, Digestive
Cancer Research, Breast Cancer Foundation, The Kidney Foundation, The Rankin Cancer Run, DJs Holiday Hope
Benefit, and Prostate Cancer Research.
Kris’s community involvement goes beyond music. In 2012, he and a friend decided to help clean up the City
and adopted a street as the “Eco-Ninjas” and they clean up litter along their adopted street regularly.
His fast-paced raps, infectious personality, and high energy on stage are what make him such an incredible
entertainer. KaC aims to bring a different style of hip-hop music, by telling a fast pace list of stories, memories,
and life long experiences. “The KaC Himself” gets people out of their seats and brings the fun back to hip hop.
The song “Rock, Paper, Life” was featured in the film “RSP: The Way of the Tosser” and the video for the song
even picked up a Niagara Music Award in 2009 for Music Video of the Year. KaC was nominated in 2009, 2010,
and 2011 at the Niagara Music Awards for Best Hip Hop Artist. In 2010, Kris was successful in winning the best
Hip Hop Artist and Entertainer of the Year awards. His work and dedication for making music has not gone