Hilda Danks

Image of Hilda Danks

Hilda Danks was born Hilda Lawrence in 1893 in London, England, and immigrated to Canada in 1930.
Her watercolour painting began as a hobby in 1935 and soon became a passion. Hilda studied
watercolour painting with numerous well know Canadian artists. Her work was first accepted for jury
shows in 1952 including exhibitions in Montreal, London, Hamilton and Waterloo.
Living in the Chippawa and Niagara Falls area paved the way for her inspirational works, largely due to
the nature and the people around her. Old barns and rural landscapes became alive in her eyes. She
found much variety in subject matter, painting flowers and plants with obvious affection. She later
focused on portraying people through the clothes they wore, the furnishings of their homes or the stores
they shopped in. Her still-life studies suspended action neatly caught to intrigue the viewer into imagining
events before the painting was done.
In 1945, Hilda was one of the founding members of the Niagara District Art Association and held
numerous executive positions, including President, for many years. In 1958, Hilda was awarded a
lifetime membership in the Niagara District Association in appreciation of her contribution to the society.
In 1961, she was elected a member of the Canadian Society of Painters of Watercolour.
In 1970, one year after her death, the Niagara District Art Association commissioned a sculpture in honor
of Hilda Danks. Each year, at the Annual Juried Art Show, the name of the Best Watercolour Artist is
engraved and added to the sculpture. The sculpture makes its home at the Niagara Falls Public Library.