Doreen Walker

Image of Doreen Walker

Doreen Walker has been actively involved in sharing her many artistic talents with the community of
Niagara Falls for over six decades.
Doreen’s passion for the arts led her to initiate a dance school in 1949, and for twenty-three years she
trained and nurtured young dancers while entertaining the public with recitals and numerous
performances. In an effort to bring musical theater to the Region while also providing a solid training
ground, in 1960 Doreen founded the Niagara Falls Music Theater and sought out experienced local
professionals to assist her in bringing talent in the Niagara community to a much higher level.
Seeking to provide the youth with a positive activity in a creative and productive atmosphere, Doreen
started the Niagara Youth Studio Theater in 1966. She lent her time and talents to training the group as
well as directing and choreographing their productions.
In 1969, Doreen founded another performing group of twelve “Young Canadians,” who became
international ambassadors of goodwill for Niagara Tourism, promoting the Niagara Region and all things
Canadian. They performed a total of 302 performances throughout Canada and the United States
including Disney World in Florida. In 1972, Doreen received the Muir Misty Award for her community
With her active days behind her, Doreen is still involved with the arts as a Music and Dance patron of the
Stamford Kiwanis & Dance Festival.