April 22, 2023 - January 7, 2024

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Scientific evidence shows us that Human-made climate change threatens life on this planet. To ensure a viable habitat for present and future generations, sustainable ways of living must be quickly adopted. The artefact collections of the Niagara Falls Museums illustrate times of balance and times of imbalance for humans. These objects help us to think of our place on Earth as just one of many species and the impact that we have. Forging a new way together using Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Science, we can create a hopeful vision for a sustainable future.


Highlights include:

Nature photography by Mark Zelinski

Nature Mandala Sit Spot by Victoria Brecht

Prophecy Beadwork Art by Samuel Thomas, Cayuga Nation

Four Wampum Agreement Reproductions by Ken Maracle, Cayuga Nation

Personal Messages about Climate Crisis from the DearTomorrow Project

Historical objects