Arts & Culture Wall of Fame Policy

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Policy #: 1000.16
Issue Date: May 8, 2006
Revision Date: June 12, 2012
Revision Date: August 14, 2018


The Arts & Culture Committee's Purpose is to foster, develop and unite artistic and cultural activities in the community. Through the Arts & Culture Wall of Fame initiative the community will have the opportunity to celebrate the many outstanding accomplishments of its past and present citizens, as well as the works of art that reflect the best of Niagara Falls.


  1. To serve as a visual memory of artistic and cultural contributions in the City of Niagara Falls;
  2. To ensure that both past and present residents receive due recognition for their artistic and cultural contributions;


  1. Wall of Fame Nomination Forms are available for public nomination through the City website or at the Recreation & Culture office at the MacBain Community Centre. Completed Nomination Forms will be accepted throughout the year.
  2. The deadline for nominations is July 30th of each year. Nominations received after this date will be considered as a nomination for the following year.
  3. Depending upon the Nominee, the Arts & Culture Committee may call upon specialists in the appropriate field to assist in the selection.
  4. Qualifying nominations will be forwarded for to the Arts & Culture Committee for a special Wall of Fame selection meeting.
  5. Recommended inductees will be forwarded to Council in a report for final approval.
  6. Nominees selected by the Arts & Culture Committee shall be publicly presented in the Fall at a date and time determined by the Committee.
  7. There shall be no publicity as to the proposed nominees or voting at any time. The only names released to the public shall be those selected to be inducted into the Wall of Fame.
  8. No current member of the Arts & Culture Committee can be installed on the Wall of Fame.

Conduct of Wall of Fame Meetings

  1. A special Wall of Fame meeting of the Arts & Culture Committee will be called for selection of Inductees in August of each year.
  2. When dealing with nominations to the Wall of Fame meetings shall be held in camera.
  3. Three (3) members of the Arts & Culture Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. All members of the Arts & Culture Committee are invited to assist with the selection process and are entitled to vote. A Recreation & Culture Staff will attend the meeting in an advisory position.
  4. Committee Members will state a conflict of interest in advance of the meeting and abstain from discussion and voting.

Nominee Selection

Categories of Induction:

  1. Artist(s): an artist(s) who has/have been recognized for their outstanding contribution, or has brought significant recognition to Niagara Falls.
  2. Cultural Builder(s): individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the artistic life and cultural development of the community as champions, supporters, patrons, administrators, teachers and mentors.

Induction Criteria:

Nominations will be reviewed by the Chair of the Selection Committee to ensure that the minimum criteria are met using the Arts & Culture Wall of Fame Induction Criteria form. A minimum of ten (10) points must be achieved in order to be considered for induction. Those scoring ten (10) or higher will be forwarded to the Arts & Culture Committee for a special Wall of Fame Meeting. Nominees must illustrate the following to be inducted:

  1. Outstanding achievement in their artistic or cultural field.
  2. A measurable impact on the Niagara Falls community must be illustrated municipally, provincially, nationally, or internationally.
  3. A person must have resided in Niagara Falls and/or have Niagara Falls as the main venue for their art for an extensive period of time.


  1. Up to three (3) nominees per year may be inducted. Inductees will be chosen based on the merit of the application and may not necessarily be chosen from each Category on any given year.
  2. Inductees receiving recognition on the Wall of Fame will also be showcased on the "Virtual Wall of Fame" on the Arts & Culture Committee's web page.
  3. Inductees will receive a personal plaque that will state their name and year of induction.
  4. Each nomination must be submitted in writing on the appropriate Nomination Form and contain, but not be limited to, the following:
  5. Nominator's name, address, telephone, and email address;
  6. A brief biography of the Nominee that includes date and place of birth;
  7. Details of the Nominee's awards or recognition;
  8. Number of years the Nominee resided in Niagara Falls;
  9. The nominator's relationship with the Nominee;
  10. The Nominee's approval (family representative or agent, if Nominee is deceased);
  11. Attach a clear, professional quality, color, or black-and-white photo of the nominee. Format: portrait (vertical), 300 dpi JPEG (approx. 6 MB).

  12. The nomination form must be properly and completely filled out with all the information requested. Incomplete forms will be sent back to the Nominator and may not be eligible for the current year's consideration.

  13. Further information may be required by the Awards Sub-Committee to evaluate the Nominee's candidacy. The Nominator or other sources will be contacted/researched to assist in this endeavour.
  14. Nominees who are eligible for induction but are not selected will be kept on file for future consideration for a period of five (5) years. All Nomination Forms, applicable documentation and photos will become the property of the Niagara Falls Arts & Culture Committee and therefore not returned to the Nominator unless specifically requested

Automatic Induction:

Nominees who have met the minimum criteria; and have been recognized by their peers with a prestigious award such as a Juno, where such an award exists; or have been recognized for their art through national or international acclaim will be eligible for automatic induction.

Care & Maintenance of the Wall of Fame

  1. The Awards Sub Committee will determine the appropriate care and maintenance of the Wall of Fame in consultation with the Recreation & Culture Staff and the venue operators.
  2. Recreation & Culture Staff shall maintain an archive composed of an information file on each Nomination and Inductee.

 Submitted By: Kathy Moldenhauer, Director

Recommended By: Ken Todd, CAO

Approved By Council On: June 12, 2012
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