The City of Niagara Falls Cultural Committee has selected twelve new recipients to receive funding from the 2022 Niagara Falls Cultural Development Fund, created in 2016. The cultural initiatives, innovative programs, and projects have been selected based on their high quality community engagement, accessible, cultural, and heritage-related ideas, which celebrate Niagara Falls' history, people, and identity. The projects will be presented throughout the year at various Niagara Falls locations, in accordance to COVID-19 safety protocols. 

Congratulations to the following 2022 recipients: 

Passione: Maria Vetere in Concert

  • Internationally acclaimed soprano, and Niagara local, Maria Vetere will bring operatic passion, fire, and sensuality to Niagara in an unprecedented aural and visual extravaganza, showcasing the power of the human voice unplugged
  • Amount Funded $9,000

Summer Show

  • The musical "13" is a summer theatre production, with primarily younger teenagers as cast.
  • Amount Funded $8,000

Niagara Music & Food Expo

  • An Exposition themed event where food, culture, and music are the focus. Explore the unique cuisine dishes and staple genre of music of these great cities:
    • Nashville - Country
    • New Orleans - Jazz
    • New York City - Big Band
    • St. Louis - Blues
    • Chicago - R&B & Soul
  • Amount Funded $8,000

Niagara Falls Family Pride Day

  • The Niagara Falls Family Pride Day is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity that our community has to offer and unite local businesses and youth and parents of LGBTQ2S+ families. Community support groups and services for LGBTQ2S+ will be available to provide information and resources to support LGBTQ2RS+ families and allies.
  • Amount Funded $8,000

The Best Medicine

  • To promote local comedians and artists, through two separate events and venues, while simultaneously bringing awareness to local mental health resources and to both utilize and give back to the Niagara artist community.
  • Amount Funded $7,000

Permaculture Live

  • Permaculture Live wishes to be a vendor, host food literacy presentations and broadcast live. Presentations featuring cooking skills development, food security, foraging techniques, environmental impacts, and chefs from indigenous communities to be hosted by Permaculture Live.
  • Amount Funded $7,000

Dawg Pound Mural Project

  • Artists will paint a large mural on a building located on Ferry Street next to the Niagara History Museum. This mural will promote the art and culture of Niagara Falls, with historic and decorative elements adoring the large walls facing the Niagara History Museum.
  • Amount Funded $6,000

AWA Niagara Falls Festival

  • African Women Acting (AWA) Niagara Falls Festival is a two-day event featuring music, spoken-word, workshops, visual-arts exhibition by female artists. It will be enriched with displays by artisans, local businesses, and organizations.
  • Amount Funded $5,000

LitCab - Niagara's Literary Cabaret

  • LitCab is a live public performance series featuring spoken word, music and storytelling by Niagara poets, authors and songwriters in an inclusive, cabaret setting.
  • Amount Funded $5,000

Ghosts in these Walls

  • The creation and performance of songs that pertain to mental health, facilitating accessible songwriting workshops for the community.
  • Amount Funded $4,000

BIPOC Improvisational Theatre Workshops/Social Sessions

  • Providing BIPOC residents of Niagara Falls with arts-based sessions for socializing and community-building through learning an artform that builds skills applicable outside of the classroom.
  • Amount Funded $2,000

On A Ray of Sunshine

  • An audio poetry chapbook capturing the sonic experiences of a mother and her autistic son as they traverse their lives through Niagara Falls.
  • Amount Funded $1,000

About the Niagara Falls Cultural Development Fund (NFCDF)

The NFCDF is an annual fund for local projects to take place between March and February of each year. Project proposals can range from exhibitions to events, walking tours, workshops, panel discussions, lectures, public programs, art installations, project or concept development, heritage-related ideas, community celebrations, interactive experiences and performances. Participatory and co-created projects are encouraged, as well as collaborative partnerships between organizations, collectives and individuals.

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For more information, contact:

Kim Van Stygeren
Cultural Development Coordinator
Recreation and Culture
[email protected]