Porchfest / Sundays on the Porch

A weekly summer event where storytellers are hosted on the front porch of our home and a monthly event hosting music on a front porch. The audience engages from the front lawn, via social media livestreams and YouTube content. 


Student of A.N. Myer S.S. Exhibition

The exhibition of artworks by the students of A.N. Myer secondary school, this will introduce young artists to the art world, they will get a behind the scenes look the art world, putting on an exhibition including curating a show, hanging, and insight into what is required of an artist to gain exposure.


Vision 2020: Women’s Work

An exhibition that includes 25 artists, 5 speakers/workshop presenters to honour the women artists working to advance the visual arts in Niagara Falls. The exhibition will open on December 6. One student from each of the city’s five high schools, will be invited to participate. In addition to the exhibition, the virtual opening will include scheduled talks that will focus on: the work women do to build community and support other women, the art women make to effect change, the need to continue addressing the issue of safety in women’s work, and the role of the arts in our community moving forward. The Niagara Falls Art Gallery will host this exhibition from December, 2020 until March 2021.


Express Your Stress: Creations in Quarantine 

10 artists will create 10 separate art pieces that express the artist’s feelings and mindset during the COVID-19 pandemic. The artistic mediums that featured are photography, visual arts, film, and other creative multimedia projects. The online exhibition will take place over 10 weeks starting in September and will feature one artist per week to promote their work and engage a Niagara-based online community to explore the ways art and artistic expression can help us navigate the mental, social, and cultural impacts of the current pandemic. The artist commissions will also be digitally exhibited on a Niagara Mental Health Fair website.


Niagara Falls Art Gallery/Niagara Children’s Museum: Website Upgrades and Modification

Project Summary: Upgrade and update Niagara Falls Art Gallery existing websites to add increase accessibility to our programming and collections as well as to develop and generate new interactive content.