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Calling all artists! Niagara Falls Culture is searching artistic photography! $200 will be awarded for each selected work. All submissions will be on display digitally in the new Exchange in 2023. Call Ends November 22, 2022 at 4pm.



Any bold, fun artistic image that is your interpretation of Niagara Falls. We are looking for high resolution imagery that is unique to the city: Niagara Falls. People. Places. Things.

Approximately 2 dozen images will be selected to be printed for display at the Exchange. The printed work will measure 24” x 36”, or 2 feet square when printed. Each person is invited to submit a maximum of 2 images. Image files must be high resolution for printing. Low resolution files must also be supplied for each image.

Selected images may be used for further reproduction purposes for up to one year, for gift shop items or other purposes. All selected will be for sale at the Exchange for the duration of the show.


Selected art will be printed on metal panels and be displayed in an exhibit at the Niagara Falls Exchange. The printed works will be for sale in the exhibition for $200 each.


All of the submissions will be shared digitally for public display at the opening of the Exchange Cultural Hub. All displayed images must follow community guidelines.


· Please submit your artwork in both low resolution and high resolution in the submission form found here. 

· All files are to be labeled with a title, and your last name.

· The winning submissions will require that your work is of a high enough resolution to print up to 2 ‘ x 2’ or 2’ x 3’.


· Open to all artists ages 16 or older.

· Must be a resident of Niagara or former resident of Niagara Falls.


· Call opens: October 4, 2022

· Submission Deadline: November 22, 2022 at 4pm.

· Print Selections announced: December 2022

· Show Opening: February TBD

· Grand Opening of Exchange: March 24, 2023

· Show closing: March 27, 2023


Designs will be judged by an adjudication committee on the following criteria:

· Mastery of craft

· Creative use of theme

· General appeal


· Must be a resident of Niagara Region or former resident of Niagara Falls.

· Entries should be sized to scale up to 24’ x 24” or 24” x 36”. Images may be square, horizontal or vertical.

· Each individual may submit up to 2 entries.

· Photography must be the original work of the entrant.

· Submissions can be black & white or full colour spectrum.

· The selected may be modified slightly to conform to production standards.

· Discrimination based on gender, family or marital status, race, color, national origin, military or veteran status, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, transgender status, genetic information or history, age, disability, political affiliation and cultural and religious backgrounds is prohibited.

· The winning images will become the property and possession of the City of Niagara Falls, which retains exclusive rights to the reproduction of the work for a period of no more than 1 year. The reproductions may include reproductions of the artwork on printable gift items. After 1 year all rights to return to the artist.

· The City of Niagara Falls shall have the right to edit, composite, scan, duplicate or alter the entry design for any purpose which it deems necessary or desirable, without the need for any further compensation, and/or permission.

· The City of Niagara Falls and related affiliates reserve the right to determine appropriateness and may refuse an entry for any reason.

· By submitting your image to the Niagara Falls in Focus Photography Competition, you agree to not hold the City of Niagara Falls or any of the participants liable for any perceived intellectual property infringement.

· Submission of an image to the Niagara Falls in Focus Photography Competition is a validation that you have read, understand, and accept the terms of this agreement.


Submit here

· All files are to be labeled “title_your last name”.

· Entry/artwork title(s) Contact email for questions: [email protected]



PlayPlayPlay!!!NiagaraFalls PIANO PROJECT


The City of Niagara Falls Recreation and Culture Department invites Niagara-based artists to submit a design concept for PlayPlayPlay!!! – a public art display and musical installation. This project will consist of one artist or artist team to paint one functioning apartment sized [short] upright piano and one bench. Painted, collaged or sculptural designs welcome. Sculptural work must not exceed 1’ projection from piano and must be durable.

The reinvented piano will be housed in the Niagara Falls Exchange for all to enjoy visually and play. The piano will be unveiled during the Niagara Falls Night of Art which is held on Thursday September 22, 2022.

For a copy of the Application and Template please email [email protected].

Submissions due: August 17, 2022


Artists must be from the Niagara Region. Some priority will be given to artists who are Niagara Falls residents. Must be 18 years or older or have parent/guardian consent.


  • Applications available: August 3, 2022
  • Deadline for Submissions: August 17, 2022
  • Artists selected will be notified by September 1, 2022
  • Selected artist will have piano to work on: September 6 - September 20, 2022
  • Piano / artwork will be unveiled live during the Niagara Falls Night of Art Sept 22, 2022


  • This project requires artwork on all surfaces of an upright piano and bench created by selected artist.
  • Artist will be provided a $1000 stipend for materials and payment of services.
  • Artwork must be family and community friendly.
  • Pianos must be painted ON SITE in the Niagara Falls History Museum during regular hours. As the work will be done inside the lobby, artists must properly protect the environment to ensure no paint or materials will drop.
  • Artist to provide completed entry form, resume, link to online media, written concept, sketches of proposed artwork for piano.
  • Durable mixed media proposals will also be considered.
  • Artwork must contain the following text in small on the piano:




  • The City of Niagara Falls has the right to refuse or revise any and all designs.
  • After artwork is complete, a sticker will be added describing the project and acknowledging the artist and risk management policy.
  • Piano will be tuned for playing.
  • All pianos and subsequent artwork will be the property of the City of Niagara Falls upon completion.
  • Artist agrees to make themselves and their work available to Culture Programming staff from Niagara Falls for social media promotional purposes during the painting period.
  • Artist agrees to create a video of the project progress for use by Niagara Falls Culture.
  • Artist agrees to make themselves available to local media who may be interested in covering PlayPlayPlay!!! NiagaraFalls.
  • Artists will be recognized via the placard placed on the piano, in Niagara Falls’ Cultural Currents newsletter as well as in Niagara Falls Culture Canada’s social media accounts.


  • Submitted proposals will be jury selected.
  • Artists are welcome to submit more than one proposal.
  • Proposals submitted after deadline will not be accepted.


There is no entry fee.

Send complete proposal in PDF format to [email protected]


The new piano will be located at:

  • The Exchange upon opening. It will be located at the Niagara Falls History Museum before then.

Current pianos can be found at:

  • MacBain Center
  • Victoria Avenue Public Library
  • Gales Centre
  • VIA Rail Train Station



  • Completed and signed Application/Design form.
  • Resume (including artist background, qualifications, relevant past experience and art projects involved).
  • Link to artist website, social media accounts, and/or examples of previous artwork.
  • Approximate 200 words or less concept for proposed piano artwork.
  • Sketches of proposed artwork for piano, using attached Design Template in the Application. Template is for adjudication process only. Individual pianos MAY vary.
  • Artists under age 18 must also submit written guardian

SUBMIT PROPOSAL TO:  [email protected]

Deadline for Submissions is August 17, 2022.

Artists selected will be notified by September 1, 2022


Please direct all correspondence to:

Kim Van Stygeren  

[email protected]



SEPTEMBER 22, 2022

Submissions due Friday July 29, 2022 at 5pm.

The City of Niagara Falls is proud to host the 11th annual Niagara Falls Night of Art- Party Like It's 1999!

This year's theme is inspired by the 90's – a decade that introduced exciting new technology, great music, movies, and television, as well as some truly unique fashion trends and of course, ART!Expect a super-packed evening filled with art, live music, video, art installations, fabulous artisanal work, improv, and lots of laughs located in and around the Niagara Falls History Museum.The event will occur at the Niagara Falls History Museum and surrounding area.


Installation & Performance Artists of ALL MEDIUMS – including visual, music, dance, audio/visual, immersive, performance artists, and any other creative art form – are invited to submit a proposal outlining their involvement in the Night of Art. We welcome mixed media pieces, interactive and audience engagement works, and hands-on activities promoting an artistic experience. We want artists of all types to submit their ideas. Niagara Falls Night of Art will select work in the price points of $250, $500, $1000, $2000.Please note that we will only award ONE $2000 submission for the exterior, front of the museum.

All installations must be strong, stable, and secure, weighted down and/or attached to an existing structure or post. All installations are pending the approval of the museum staff.

Installation artists will also be required to make a short video detailing the creation of their piece (for example, a time-lapse of creation, a video diary of creation/progress, an explanation of the piece, etc.). This video will be used at the event and shared on social media for promotional purposes.

Artists/Artisan Vendors interested in displaying and selling pieces are encouraged to apply. Artists/Artisans are responsible for having someone stationed at their display and are required to handle all sales independently. Applications may also include hands-on or interactive activities.

A small fee of $30 will be charged to those artists/artisan vendors selected to display and sell their work. Display spaces are available both inside and outside. If needed, tables and chairs will be provided. Artists/artisans are encouraged to provide extra table lighting for their display.


Prior to the submission of their proposal, all artists must book a MANDATORY phone conversation with event organizers to informally discuss their potential piece. Email [email protected] to organize. Please reach out to organizers by July 8, 2022

Residents and students of Niagara are encouraged to apply. Proposals will be carefully reviewed and selected based on originality and interaction with the Party Like Its 1999! theme. Standard conflict of interest guidelines apply.


Please click HERE to fill out the application for this years Niagara Falls Night of Art. Submissions are due Friday, July 29, 2022 at 5pm.


Main Street Mural Call - Shortlisted Artists:

Asli Alin, "The Big Picture"

Dillon Douglas, "The Birth of the Artist"

Daniel Kozina, "Hometown Heros"

John Kuna, "Scenic Discourse"

Elaine Wallis, "Imagine"

Final Submissions are due July 5, 2022 5pm



The City of Niagara Falls is seeking professional Artists and Artist-Led Teams to submit proposals for a mural, to be installed on an exterior wall on the Market Hall at the upcoming cultural hub, the “Exchange” in Niagara Falls.

Stage 1 Submission Deadline:

Monday May 2, 2022 11:59pm

Artist Information Meeting:

Tuesday April 19, 2022 5pm via Zoom REPLAY HERE

Artists are invited to view a presentation on the adjudication process and submission requirements. This is not a mandatory meeting.



This is a Provincial two-stage competition for professional artists as per the Canada Council’s guidelines.

Proposals are encouraged from Artists and Artist-Led Teams who have experience in creating large scale works and the technical skills to provide the work in a digital format suitable for large scale reproduction. The City of Niagara Falls will be responsible for printing the mural onto vinyl, with protective gloss overlay which will be installed over aluminum composite panels and installed.

Artists will be selected by a Jury through a two-stage process: first stage is providing a written statement of approach and qualifications, plus a conceptual ideation, followed by submission of a detailed final artwork by short-listed Artists only. The short-listed artwork can be created in any medium but must be provided as high resolution digital files suitable for large format printing. Final proposal can be illustrated, painted, digital, photographic, collaged or any artwork that can be reproduced two-dimensionally/ digitally.

Award: $7,500 Short-listed applicants completing a stage two submission will receive $500.

Stage 1: Request for Expression of Interest

Artists are invited to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) which will be reviewed by the independent Selection Panel. The panel will recommend a short-list of five (5) Artists, based on artistic excellence and perceived ability to create and execute an innovative public artwork for this context.

Stage 2: Request for Concept Proposals

The short-listed artists will be notified within a month and then invited to submit a detailed final Artwork. Short-listed artists will be paid a fee for this stage.  Short-listed artists will submit their proposals by July 5, 2022. The panel will then select a finalist whose artwork best suits the overall scope of this project, and who has the ability or perceived ability to conceive and realize a public artwork on this site.

The City of Niagara Falls is completing the construction of a two-building cultural hub and farmer’s market hall in autumn 2022. This call is for one of a series of temporary murals to be created in 2022/3. The exterior courtyard will house a 32m wide x 3.4m high mural to be printed on vinyl and installed on the exterior of the Market Hall, and will reflect the outline created by the focus group, as described in the Design Criteria.


Through its Public Art Advisory Task Force and Public Art Policy the City of Niagara Falls strives to create vibrant public spaces that reflect the diversity of our community, and engage its residents and visitors with quality works of public art.


Artists must be from the Ontario. Some priority will be given to artists who are Niagara Falls residents. Must be 18 years or older or have parent/guardian consent.


The new Niagara Falls Exchange will become a vibrant centre of activity in the community by providing shared spaces where artists, musicians, food vendors and patrons, and local businesses can come together and create. Located in the historic Main and Ferry district, it will include a large Culture Hub with a café, artist studios, and creative workshop and a Market Hall, surrounded by two multi-functional civic plazas that interconnect the flanking streets. The Market Hall, which will house the regularly scheduled Farmers’ Market, will be a space for other events that include music, theatre, lectures and other weekend markets.

Located adjacent to the Niagara Falls History Museum, the site is knit together with a design language that prioritizes an accessible public realm, and creates quality indoor and outdoor space that is durable, flexible, and sustainable.

The Niagara Falls Exchange (NFX), speaks to the rich exchange of ideas and creativity that is anticipated to occur on site and between the arts and culture, food and farming communities of Niagara Falls. This area has the potential to become the cultural and social heart of our community. See The Exchange for more information.


The site of the upcoming Niagara Falls Exchange - Cultural Hub & Market is rich in local history. Being in the Niagara Region the space has been part of the traditional territory of various Indigenous peoples for thousands of years, most recently the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe peoples. It has been occupied by European settlers for 230 years and is part of one of the earliest settlement areas in the region. The property is set along Main Street, which was historically part of Niagara Falls’ Portage Road, and it was also a part of the battle of Lundy’s Lane during the war of 1812 which in bulk occurred on the nearby site of the Drummond Hill.  

One of the more recent histories on the site is that of the Kick’s Hotel and the Princess Theatre, two staples of the Drummondville area in the 19th and 20th century. The Kick’s Hotel was known to have been the site of one of local daredevil Stephen Peer’s performances, but around 1920 it burnt down and the site became a Theatre. The Theatre changed names many times – the Webb, the Hollywood, and the Princess being the most well-known - but it remained until 1978. It was demolished in 2012, and soon the Exchange will be situated in this space with deep historical roots where artistic, personal, and national stories have played out over its long occupation.


The identified site for the installation of the temporary mural is focused within the Main Street Plaza, located on the west exterior of the Market Hall, facing Main Street (refer to Appendix A), designed as a flexible-use court accommodating event overflow on the site as well as supporting events at the Niagara History Museum. The dimensions for the work are: 32 meters wide x 3.4 meters high.


We are seeking information about the proposed team who will undertake the final design of the project. Artists may submit one 1 proposal. Proposals will provide:

  • Conceptual designs for the Main Street Mural project
  • A project statement that outlines the vision for the design and how it responds to the project’s goals
  • Suitable visual materials to allow for evaluation of the design concept and ability to provide final deliverables
  • Artist or Artist Team CV

The proposed Public Artwork will include some or all of the following:

  • Become a relevant community feature which will engage a diverse public audience over time
  • Reflect a strong relationship to the site and context
  • Be a celebratory expression of the Niagara Falls community
  • Advance the Niagara Falls Exchange as an arts and cultural destination

Selected Artists and creative teams will be asked to:

  • Deliver a bold visual or other sensory impact
  • Spark opportunities for social engagement

The FINAL artwork must:

  • Be an original design that does not violate any copyright
  • Be of scale and proportion that is appropriate to the site

Once selected, the Artist and their team will be contracted for providing the design of the Main Street Mural Project, as well as the project management responsibilities related to the preparation of files for printing. Teams will be expected to:

  • Provide completed artwork for the Public Art Project
  • Revised any work as required
  • Finalize any specifications to meet the City’s satisfaction
  • Facilitate City/Artist coordination for printing and installation purposes


Niagara Falls Culture and the Public Art Advisory Task force held a public consultation to determine the focus of art for the Exchange.

The question proposed was: What unique and meaningful stories, qualities and characteristics of the Main and Ferry neighbourhood do you think artists should be asked to reflect in proposals for public art at the eXchange?

Top responses, ranked in terms of popularity:

  • Little community in the shadow of the tourism 
  • Unique - neighbourhood is not 'cookie cutter'
  • Diversity in the neighbourhood
  • Past, Present and Future - rich history, reality of the now and what we hope it to be 
  • Drummondville is a centre of Niagara Falls
  • The Market has been in the neighbourhood for over 50 years


  • Giving particular but not exclusive preference to those artists living and working in Niagara Falls
  • Compatibility to the vision, scope and goals of the project
  • How well does the artist demonstrate excellence in concept(s) and technique?
  • How strong is the artist’s ability to intrigue and stimulate imagination?
  • How well would the artist’s style respond to the particular project?
  • How well does the artists’ work communicate to viewers of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities?
  • Does the artist’s work have the ability to connect viewers to public art in an innovative way?
  • Does the artist’s work reflect the prowess and creativity of Niagara’s contemporary visual arts community?
  • Are there any administrative, ethical, legal or technical concerns regarding the artwork?


The Selected Artist will be provided $7,500 [plus HST if applicable] for the completed artwork based on the selected Short-listed design idea. Final work will be provided to scale and will enlarge to 32m x 3.4m.  This fee includes all travel, delivery and communication with City Staff and their printers.


Fee for 5 (five) short-listed artists’ development and preparation of the proposal will be $500 [plus HST if applicable].


Stage 1                               March 31

Info Session                        April 19    

Stage 1 closes                    May 2 

Stage 2 Shortlisted  May 31 – July 5 

Adjudication  End July  

Install                                 Summer/Fall 2022


Proposals shall include the following information:

  1. Submission Form: A completed and signed Submission Form. It can be found HERE;
  2. Conceptual designs for the Main Street Mural project;
  3. A project statement that outlines the vision for the design and how it responds to the project’s goals- maximum 2 page length, minimum 12 pt font, PDF format;
  4. Visual Documentation:- Suitable visual materials to allow for evaluation of the design concept and ability to provide final deliverables: Submit a minimum of 3 images (and a maximum of 10 images) of relevant completed works by the Artist;
  5. Artist or Artist Team CV: No longer than 2 pages.

The requested artwork for the Shortlisted Artists will be 3000 pixels wide by 319 pixels high, saved as a jpg or CMYK, at 72 DPI, as high a quality as possible. The selected Artist’s final work will be provided for reproduction and enlargement purposes as follows:

  • 600dpi
  • 1/10 scale
  • CMYK
  • Either a tiff or jpeg format
  • Final artwork will be supplied on a digital hard drive


A Zoom information meeting will be held on Tuesday April 19, 2022 5pm via Zoom


Kim Van Stygeren

Cultural Development Coordinator

City of Niagara Falls

[email protected]


Main Street Plaza, Architectural renderings. Also see The Exchange for more construction information

Trail Mix Call for Musicians 2022/23

Trail Mix: Local Trails & Local Artists

Trail Mix Logo with orange swirl

Trail Mix is an auditory accompaniment to your walk, featuring the work of local artists. You can listen to the mix while enjoying the sights of the Millennium Trail. QR codes along the trail will take you to music, humour or spoken word on your smart device.

Niagara Falls Culture is looking for Niagara Falls artists for the 2022/23 season of “Trail Mix”. Culture is offering $50 for the rights to use the piece for the 2022/23 season. Trail Mix is music / spoken word that is hosted in Bandcamp albums found by trailside QR codes along Niagara Falls’ Millennium Trail.

Requirements for Trail Mix:

  • Song/spoken word work is your original
  • Guarantee that there are no offensive lyrics in the specified song/s
  • If you or your bandmate(s) has direct connection to Niagara Falls - either born and raised or lives here
  • Must upload square headshot and links to your original music
  • May also share video

Hurry! Apply here till April 18th!