Niagara Falls Night(s) of Art

September 23 - 26, 2021

The City of Niagara Falls is proud to host the 10th annual Niagara Falls Night(s) of Art – Lawn Party! We are very excited to be partnering with the Queen Street BIA to bring art to Queen Street (Queen/Erie Street and the lawn in front of City Hall). The Niagara Falls Night(s) of Art will run for four days and three nights (with an event the Saturday night pending pandemic regulations) with overnight security for pieces provided by the City.

What are we looking for?
Installation Artists
– are invited to submit a proposal outlining their involvement in the Night(s) of Art based on the following installation options (please note available fees for each piece are indicated below and the artist is asked to work within that budget). Artists may create proposals for as many projects as they wish, but may be awarded only one.

  • THREE Installations (large enough to have a very strong visual presence) Budget: $1500 each
  • ONE Window Installations: paint or wheat paste (10 windows with recognizable recurring theme, approx. 3’x3’. Location TBD) Budget: $1500

All installations must be strong, stable and secure, weighted down and/or attached to an existing structure or post. They must withstand the elements for a minimum of four days, with the potential of extending the display duration. All installations are pending approval of business owners and structural restrictions.

THEME: Lawn Party: Lawn, Earth, Garden Art – ethereal, fun or extreme

Artists will also be required to make a short video detailing the creation of their piece (example: time lapse of creation, video diary of creation/progress, explanation of piece, etc.). This video will be used at the event and shared on social media for promotional purposes.

Note for performance artists and artists/artisans looking to sell their work unfortunately due to the constraints of social distancing and the very different nature of this year’s event, we are unable to accept applications for performance artists and artists/artisans looking to sell their artwork. 

Selection Procedure
Prior to the submission of their proposal, all artists must book a MANDATORY virtual conversation with event organizers to informally discuss their potential piece. Email [email protected] to organize. Please reach out to organizers by July 2, 2021.  

Residents and students of Niagara are encouraged to apply. Proposals will be carefully reviewed and selected based on originality and interaction with the lawn and urban streetscape. Standard conflict of interest guidelines apply.

Artists are asked to submit their proposals by email to [email protected].  All proposals must be submitted no later July 18, 2021 at midnight.

In your proposal, please include:

  1. Full name, mailing address, and phone number
  2. Which artistic piece you are proposing to create
  3. A brief description of your concept including size, number of components, etc.
  4. A rough materials budget
  5. A rough sketch of piece(s)
  6. Clear description regarding stabilization and installation of piece(s)
  7. Four (4) JPEGs (formatted: LastName_Initial_NOA#1-4), a web link, or video documentation representing your work
  8. A short biography

All proposals will receive individual follow-up regardless of outcome. For more information, please contact: [email protected]

The City of Niagara Falls reserves the right to reject any or all submissions.

Niagara Falls Exchange Main Street Plaza Public Art Project

NOTE: This is a condensed version of the full Call. Please ensure you read the ENTIRE RFPQ before proceeding. All Appendices are included with the full Call.

Artist rendering of the Main Street Plaza of the eXchange

RFPQ13-2021 - Request for Pre-Qualification of Artists for the Niagara Falls Exchange Public Art Project(External link)

The Corporation of the City of Niagara Falls is seeking Request for Pre-Qualification (RFPQ) from qualified Canadian artists or creative artist teams for an original work of public art, to be located in the Mail Street Plaza of the upcoming Niagara Falls Exchange.
Through this Request for Pre-Qualification the City’s intention is to identify and pre-qualify and “short-list” five (5) artists or creative artist teams to participate in a Request for Proposal (RFP).
Of the shortlisted respondents selected, it is the City’s intent to provide a stipend to produce a detailed design concept. Once a design is selected, the successful artist or creative team will be contracted by the City to finalize the design, and undertake fabrication and installation of the artwork, working with a budget of $90,000 (ninety thousand dollars).

The Corporation of the City of Niagara Falls is looking to commission an original, site-specific, free standing, permanent work of public art in the Main Street Plaza that is currently being constructed at the Niagara Falls Exchange, between the two buildings – a market hall and cultural hub- located in the Main and Ferry neighbourhood.

An artwork proposal is not requested at this time.

In early 2021, a series of online focus groups with the Public Art Task Force, local residents, and business owners (representing various backgrounds and knowledge of the community and site), were conducted by City staff to determine the goals for this public art project.

Artist’s proposals will be scored, in part, on how successfully they address the following outlines
as determined by the focus group and the Public Art Advisory Task Force.

The proposed Public Artwork(s) will include some or all of the following:

  • Become a relevant community feature which will engage a diverse public audience over
  • Reflect a strong relationship to the site and context;
  • Be a celebratory expression of the Niagara Falls community;
  • Advance the Niagara Falls Exchange as an arts and cultural destination;

Artists and creative teams are asked to:

  • Deliver a bold visual or other sensory impact;
  • Spark opportunities for social engagement.

Submissions containing fountains or running water will not be accepted.

The identified site for the installation of free-standing public art is focused within the Main Street Plaza, located at the western edge of the property, facing Main Street, designed as a flexible use court accommodating event overflow on the site as well as supporting events at the Niagara History Museum.

Design of Main Street Plaza:

  • Main Street Plaza is intended as an urban, hardscaped plaza providing pedestrian access to the main lobby as well as cafe from Main Street, and accommodating public gatherings.
  • A series of concrete planters are located along the northern edge of the Plaza, assisting in retaining earth as well as providing shade and landscape interest.
  • The accessible path of travel to the building entrances runs along the northern edge of these planters, whereas their southern edge includes seating elements and provides containment to the Plaza.

Location of Public Art Plinth:

  • The concrete platform designed to accommodate a piece of permanent free-standing
    public art is located at the eastern edge of “Planter B”, circled in the diagram in Appendix

The artwork will be integrated into the existing landscape design. Technical information will be provided as part of the RFP phase.

The all-inclusive budget of $90,000 (ninety thousand dollars will include all costs directly associated with the artwork:
Design fees, fabrication & materials, engineering drawings, equipment, freight and transportation and installation, as well as insurance, contract administration, travel and other incidental expenses.

For respondents/artists shortlisted for the Request for Proposal there will be an honorarium of
$2,000 for the respondent/artists development and preparation of the proposal, and for travel
expenses incurred in any site visits agreed upon.


Each response must include a Submission Form (Appendix A) completed and signed by an
authorized representative of the respondent.

A complete submission must include a soft copy of the support material listed in the Mandatory
Submission Requirements (Appendix B). Submissions must be saved and supplied on USB in
PDF, or jpeg (where prescribed), file formats. All other file formats will not be accepted.

Three (3) pages maximum. Please provide a concise synopsis that includes all of the following:

  • Describe your interest in the project and how it relates to your current art practice;
  • Describe what your approach to design development will be including:
    • how you will engage with the project vision and site
    • what materials you are considering
    • Describe how your work will be innovative to the City of Niagara Falls and the selected

One (1) page maximum. Describe your background, creative process, experience and other information that pertains to your art practice and your planned approach to this project.

Detail your experience as an artist, prior public art experience and/or other relevant information.
Include your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address. If multiple artists are involved, include each artist’s resume and indicate the artist team lead.

Images: A maximum of ten (10) digital image jpeg (preferred) files are permitted.

  • Digital images of previous public artworks or artworks which best illustrate a body of
    artwork related to this project, not less than 150dpi to 2mb jpeg maximum.
  • Files must be named with a number.
  • An Image Information sheet must be provided that describes each image with: the file number, name of artist, title, date, materials, dimensions, location and budget.
  • Materials that require specialized software, plug-ins, extensions or other executables that need to be downloaded or installed, or materials that are embedded in any type of presentation, such as websites, or Word or PowerPoint documents will not be accepted.

Respondents shall provide a minimum or two (2) references from clients and/or consultants, curators, and/or other artist who can attest to the quality of your artworks. Please ensure you provide current contact information and other relevant information including name of project, site and budget. Letters of reference shall not be deemed an acceptable substitute for this requirement and may not be reviewed or considered.
Please note that submission materials will not be returned. DO NOT submit concept proposals.

An artwork proposal is not requested at this time.
Respondents short-listed to take part in the RFP resulting from this RFPQ should be aware that
technical considerations will include but may not be limited to the following:
The Artwork MUST:

  • Be an original design that does not violate the copyright of any other person.
  • Be of a scale and proportion that is appropriate to the site.
  • Not negatively impact the natural environment, and ensure any changes to the built environment are addressed within the project budget.
  • Be in compliance with all governing regulations, codes, by-laws and industry standards,
    as applicable.
  • Be designed, fabricated and installed in accordance with all municipal, regional, provincial
    and federal standards, including:
    • Ensure public and worker safety in the design, and during fabrication and installation.
      WSIB coverage or exemption is required prior to signing of the final contract. Final artwork
      must not pose a clear risk of injury to the public (e.g.: sharp points, slip hazards etc.);
    • Meet fire code with respect to flammability.
    • Meet building code standards and/or sign by-laws if/as applicable.
    • General liability insurance in an amount no less than $5 million dollars and automobile
      insurance in the amount of $2 million will be required.
    • Designs will ensure all components are properly supported and/or anchored; stamped
      engineer drawings will be required.
    • Minimize likelihood of vandalism.
    • Not interfere with the operation and serviceability of the area.
    • Be designed to minimize ongoing maintenance requirements and costs.
    • Be constructed of durable, permanent materials to reasonably survive the City of Niagara Falls climate (UV exposure and variations in temperature) for a minimum of 30 (thirty) years.
    • Include maintenance requirements.

Not Applicable

Proof of insurance is required only of the selected respondent as part of the invitational second phase competitive process award process, rather than being a mandatory submission
requirement required of all respondents.


This is a two-phase, open, national competition. The selection panel has been established to
oversee the selection process and is comprised of five (5) individuals who reflect suitable
expertise and diversity.
The Selection Panel is supported by City of Niagara Falls staff and reports through the Niagara
Falls Public Art Advisory Task Force (PAAFT) to Niagara Falls City Council.

PHASE I: Short-list Based on RFPQ Requirements
Interested artists and creative teams are invited to submit a Request for Pre-Qualification as
detailed under item Mandatory Submission Requirements. All submissions will be reviewed and
evaluated by the Selection Panel. The Selection Panel will short-list and invite a maximum of five (5) finalists to participate in the next phase of the design process.
Selection Criteria for the RFPQ
The Selection Panel will evaluate submissions based on the following selection criteria:

  • Creativity and suitability of approach to design development (as per submitted Expression
    of Interest)
  • Relationship between design approach and the project vision and site as described by the
  • Quality, creativity and strength of past work (as indicated by submitted visual images)
  • Ability to design, fabricate and install an innovative, engaging work of public art
  • Knowledge of and/or experience with fabrication and installation of similar public art
  • Ability to be an effective communicator and collaborator
  • Nature of partnership in creative teams
  • Positive reference check(s), including evidence that past projects stay within budget and
    on schedule

PHASE II: Development of Conceptual Design Based on Request for Proposal
Based on the five (5) short-listed artists and creative teams, a stipend of $2,000.00 (two thousand dollars) will be provided to develop design concepts, detailed budgets, production schedules and other information as requested. Proposals will undergo review by the Selection Panel. The Selection Panel will make a final selection based on criteria outlined in the RFP.
Shortlisted artists and creative teams will be interviewed prior to the final selection. Conceptual
designs may be displayed for public review, however, input from the public will not be a deciding
factor in the final selection. Niagara Falls City Council must approve the final selection prior to
confirmation of a contract with the finalist. The City reserves the right not to select artists or
creative teams from the shortlist.
The final design concept will be publicly unveiled by November 2022. The finalist will be asked to sign a contract to be provided by the City of Niagara Falls, and will need to provide proof of
insurance (Comprehensive General and Owned Automobile Liability Insurance), WSIB Clearance Certificate and to sign the City’s Declaration of Accessibility Compliance prior to commencing work.

NOTE: This is a condensed version of the full Call. Please ensure you read the ENTIRE RFPQ before proceeding. All Appendices are included with the full Call.

READ FULL CALL HERE(External link):