The City of Niagara Falls Recreation and Culture Department invited Niagara-based artists to submit images of original artwork for the upcoming Cultural Hub and Farmer’s Market’s Construction Phase. This project consisted of artwork that was printed by the City and hung on the perimeter of the upcoming Cultural Hub and Farmer’s Market, during its construction phase.

technocoloured image of a brain under construction

Dougie Hayz

Constant Construction.

I have submitted art that showcases the ‘everything and the kitchen sink’ approach I take while creating in hopes of reflecting what we will hopefully see with the upcoming Art Centre/Farmers Market, ‘everything and..’. With prime examples being, art; dance; spoken word; and home-grown items from local farmers. I pushed for extreme color and eye-grabbing visuals in hopes of creating an a-typical construction site experience, for both passersby and the construction workers as well.

digital image in quadrants representing various uses of the exchange

David Figueroa

Our Community 

For the Construction Hoarding Art project, I created four separate illustrations combined in one to complete a four paneled piece of artwork. To give a clear example of the diversity in the community, each illustration depicts a person that may attend the cultural hub and farmers market. I chose the musician as the performer, the artist as the creative, and the farmer and bee-keeper as the agricultural vendors.

digital image of someone painting along a river by Wendy Palmero

Wendy Palermo

Art imitating Life

This painting was designed to honor the many talented artists who live in the Niagara Region and their unique ability to capture the breathtaking views of this area. This painting called “Art imitates life” is a self-portrait of the artist at work at her easel. The painter is enjoying the early morning sun as a glow of light emerges casting a glow on the forest behind her.

The artist’s coat contrasts with the warm colors of the forest and helps to create movement between the focal point (the painter) and the background. The use of bright, cheerful colors and sweeping brush strokes convey a sense of joy the artist feels.

Photograph of flowers arranged in a geometric pattern by Danny Custodio

Danny Custodio

This work draws on cultural history, family and pride while tapping into a feeling of nostalgia that connects cultural traditions from one's past to their present. Each year during religious festivals, citizens on the island of Sao Miguel, Azores, line the streets with carpets made of flowers for people to walk on during processions. For these works I made and photographed flower carpets like those found on the cobblestone streets of my parents’ birthplace within my current landscape, the Niagara Region, from my position as a second-generation Portuguese-Canadian. All flowers pictured in the images where harvested from the Niagara Region. I feel that these images would be ideal for this project as they combine culture, the arts, and flowers (commonly found for sale at farmers markets) all while being strikingly beautiful and attention grabbing.