Ann Speedie

Image of Ann Speedie

For more than 30 years, Ann Speedie’s mission was to bring culture to Niagara Falls. Ann was originally
a board member of the Community Concerts but was concerned with the American slant. In 1975, Ann,
along with other volunteers, founded Niagara Concerts, serving as President for several years and
representing Niagara Concerts on the Ontario Arts Council. In addition, her responsibilities included the
researching and booking of various artists for each season. Outspoken, eccentric, and passionate about
the Arts in Niagara Falls, Ann was acclaimed by her peers as “unstoppable - the enthusiastic and
energized member of the board.”
In 1992, Ann was the recipient of the prestigious “Community Honours - Lescarbot Award,” presented by
Rob Nicholson, Member of Parliament on behalf of the House of Commons for her many outstanding
contributions to the cultural sector of our region. She has also received recognition from the Famous
People Players.
Along with many advisory capacities, Ann was also one of the founding members for the Arts and Culture
Commission where she served until 1997. She had also been involved with the local Opera Guild, and
was a member of the Shaw Festival Committee and the Kingsbridge Theatre in Chippawa. Ann was also
instrumental in keeping the auditorium at Kingston College (formerly Niagara Falls Collegiate Vocational
Institute) open.
Ann Speedie passed away on December 15, 2004. She is greatly missed by those who knew her and by
those enriched by her passion for the arts.