Steve Burnside

Image of Steve Burnside

Mr. Steve Burnside and his band, Steve Burnside and the Marquis, are celebrating over 60 consecutive years of recording and performing together and notably they are Canada’s longest running pop band. 

The band started in a Welland basement in 1958 and has spawned 16 compact discs, two vinyl albums, 13 “45”s, one cassette, one eight-track and countless live performances throughout Canada, the United States and Europe. PLUS he’s on a British CD called "Old Canadian Rockers".

Originally from Fort Erie, at age 14 Mr. Burnside joined with a friend to form The Marquis. They were a local hit, and in 1963 Mr. Burnside became a professional blues player, playing full-time, six days a week until retirement.

By 1964, Mr. Burnside had recorded the hit single "Something you got," which was sampled by all the greats, including B.B. King. Another big smash was "Rockin’ Crickets," a song recorded in 1966 that Jimmy Hendrix called an "influential record".

Mr. Burnside played steadily in Canada until about 1970, and by 1971 he was playing in the United States full time at different venues including Las Vegas and Atlantic City, a major boost to his career.  

In the early 1980s Mr. Burnside moved to Niagara Falls. It was here that he continued to perform, record and also be a part of the local music scene.  His most significant contribution to local culture, has been his organization of Summertime Blues, local jazz and blues music in Fireman’s Park.  This free event, put on with assistance from the Stamford Centre Volunteer Fireman’s Association has been creating an accessible and enjoyable festival in the Park for over 16 years.  Mr. Burnside has created a truly important part of the cultural landscape in Niagara Falls.