Karlee Morse

Image of Karlee Morse

Karlee Morse was born in Niagara Falls in 1989. She attended Father Hennepin grade school, followed by St. Michael’s high school. With a keen interest in the arts, she then attended Brock University, graduating at the top of her class in the Interactive Arts and Sciences program (she double-majored in Fine Arts, as well) in 2011.

After graduating from her program, Ms. Morse was quickly drawn to more applied studio work, and pivoted from digital design into looking for more studio work. A critical next step for her was her post grad education at Sheridan Institute in Oakville, 2013, where she adopted her calling in FX make-up and prosthetic design. From the moment she started learning FX make-up, sculpting, molding, and casting, she knew this was the right choice. She had a perfect ‘a-ha’ moment, realizing this and she took to learning everything she could, shadowing under different artists and taking on any opportunity presented. Since graduating her diverse projects include museum displays, live events, and motion capture work. She now works predominantly in film and television, pushing dramatic and inventive prosthetic and make-up designs.

 In 2020 Ms. Morse won the Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Special Effects Costume, Makeup and Hair” for her work on the children's television show, “Dino Dana”. This was a huge honour to be recognized on this scale, and this was the first year this category has been awarded. 

 Her work in film and television is diverse - she loves this career as every day is vastly different than the last. She strives to create fantastic but feasible looks, and she loves character make-ups and horror.