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Antoine Gaber

Antoine Gaber, Contemporary Artist Photographer, Film Producer, and Impressionist Painter, was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1957, and has lived for several years in Niagara Falls, Ontario. 

Twice awarded at the Florence Biennale, Italy, with the “Lorenzo il Magnifico” prize for his artistic career, Gaber was also inducted into the prestigious Artists group of the Mirada Colosal in Mexico for his universal vision of the arts.  Gaber dedicated his professional career in clinical research and his artistic expression to supporting several charity organizations internationally for the treatment of cancer, HIV and liver diseases.  As Artist and Cancer researcher he launched the international programme, "Passion for Life,” to increase cancer awareness and raise funds for research.

As a digital artist he created a unique technique for his digital art photography named "Evolutional Ribbonized Photography™" in 2009.  He was awarded as film Producer/Director at international film festivals in 2013 and 2014 for his provocative and inquisitive 99-minute feature documentary titled ” It’s All About ME”. Gaber established the “Artist Discovery Mentorship Program” for the Niagara Region, identifying great artists and mentoring them for an International career.

Under the Patronage of the Mayor of Niagara Falls, and as the Artistic Director, he worked with the city’s Culture and Museum Manager and museum Curator to present “Water for Life,” International Art Exhibition First Edition at the Niagara Falls History Museum in 2018, with 37 Artists from 18 Countries.

By 2018 Gaber had over 58 exhibitions in 24 cities and 10 different Countries.