Bunnie Brandt-Wilson

Image of Bunnie Brandt-Wilson

Bunnie Brandt-Wilson was born in Niagara Falls in 1943. An alumnus of A.N. Meyer, she left at age 18 for Toronto where she resided for more than 25 years working as a Project Leader/Coordinator. Her years of international travel and volunteering as an Assistant Stage Manager at Hart House, University of Toronto, allowed her to keep her hand in the arts and culture. 

Bunnie returned to Niagara in the 1980's and since then she has used her professional knowledge and organizational skills by donating her time. She volunteers for most musical, artistic, literary, environmental and charitable events in Niagara Falls and the Niagara Region. She offers her time and research for Social, Political, Indigenous and Senior/Elder issues and is an outspoken advocate for social change.

Bunnie works the Woman's Place Annual Book Riot and has mentored for and with young women who have been victims of abuse. She has participated with the Coronation 50+ Centre, Springilicious, Livestock, Winter Festival of Lights, The Carmel Fine Art Festival, Niagara Music Awards, N.F. History Museum, Eco Ninjas, Steve Burnside's Summertime Blues at Firemen's park, and let's not forget Canada Day Celebations and Santa Claus Parades.

Bunnie believes that a city with a rich cultural society will always win on the international stage and she has spent decades helping to develop, support, promote and encourage musicians, artists, writers and businesses to contribute to Niagara's Culture Develpoment.

As she says, "I am an eternal optimist and will not give up."