Ernest Green

Image of Ernest Green

One of Niagara’s most accomplished and respected local historians, Ernest Green was born of Loyalist descent in Stamford Township on 30 January, 1881.  Beginning as a news reporter and correspondent for Niagara Falls, Toronto and Buffalo newspapers, he later entered the civil service; he retired from the Dominion Bureau of Statistics in Ottawa in 1929.


Returning to Niagara Falls, he pursued his passion for local history with increased diligence and enthusiasm by researching and writing articles on Niagara’s history.  Over the years, he produced over twenty significant articles for the publications of the Ontario Historical Society and the local Welland County and Niagara Historical Societies, as well as four extended series of articles and other varied pieces on Niagara’s history for the Niagara Falls Evening Review.  Keenly interested in Niagara’s military history, he wrote an important monograph on the Battle of Chippawa and served as historian of the 10th Dragoons and the 176th Battalion.  In recognition of his historical work he was named a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Honourary President of the Lundy’s Lane Historical Society and the Welland County Historical Society, and elected President of the Ontario Historical Society.


Ernest Green died on 4 November, 1947 and is buried in Fairview Cemetery.  Our knowledge and appreciation of Niagara history has been greatly enriched by his research and writing.