John Petrella

Image of John Petrella

John was born in Italy where at a young age he developed an interest in nature. After coming to Canada
at the age of 15, his passion grew to fuel his creative desires.
John began his career in the field of fine arts. His paintings of nature and wildlife not only garnered rave
reviews and international success but also won him many awards, including one for Outstanding
Achievements in the Visual Arts. His subsequent move to still photography won him further acclaim, as
he became a master in painting with light and colour.
The decision to step into the motion picture arena was as inspired as it was inevitable. John’s
imaginative visual palette is now augmented by the further option of playing with time. John’s outstanding
work as a Director of Photography has revealed a daring sense of composition, an eye for capturing the
perfect camera angle and an unrelenting zeal for pushing the boundaries of convention. His images
speak of Ability, Passion and Dedication to the Poetry and Artistry of Motion Picture.
John’s greatest accomplishments to date include the magnificent “Niagara, Thunder of the Waters” aired
on PBS, winner of Best Video of the Year (1999); “The Secret World of Gardens,” a 13 part Home and
Garden television series, nominated for a Gemini Award (2000 & 2002) for Best Cinematography and
“Echoes of the North”, a one hour natural history documentary film, nominated for 3 Gemini Awards and
several international film festival awards (2002).