Donald Fredrick Ede

Image of Donald Fredrick Ede

Donald Ede was born in 1937 in Willoughby Township and is a longtime resident of Chippawa. From an early age he was an avid collector of many things, but in the 1970s he turned his attention to the collection of memorabilia of the Village of Chippawa. Don is known as “Mr. Chippawa” for his knowledge, passion and fondness in sharing the history and identity of Chippawa. He regularly displays his collection at various events throughout the Village at Chippawa Lions events, Heritage Week, the Willoughby Historical Museum, Willoughby Township Hall, and Cummington Square to name a few. There is rarely an event or occasion where his Chippawa Memorabilia is not present. For many years Don has actively contributed to the betterment of the community by sitting on boards and committees. He has served on the City of Niagara Falls Municipal Heritage Committee, the Boards of the Willoughby Historical Society, the Willoughby Historical Museum, and the Village of Chippawa Citizens Committee, as well as the Niagara
Parks Commission Battle of Chippawa Committee. His work with these groups keeps him busy displaying and supplying them with Chippawa memorabilia. He also gives tours of his collection to school children and provides information on the Village to anyone who inquires. Don has a gentle but lively sense of humour. He has created and hands out “permits” for non-residents to enter the Village of Chippawa. When the permit is flipped over a pass to get across the Weightman Bridge can be found. These “green cards” have been given to members of Parliament in Ontario and visitors from across the Province and Canada. Mr. Chippawa has a story and an artifact for all things Chippawa. Just ask him.