Kimberley Newport-Mimran

Image of Kimberley Newport-Mimran

Kimberley Newport-Mimran is a renowned fashion designer who at the age of 14 discovered her interest in fashion while working as a retail sales associate in her home town of Niagara Falls. With a growing curiosity for the inner workings of the fashion world, Newport-Mimran moved to Toronto to pursue further education in fashion. After graduating from a fashion merchandising and manufacturing management program, Newport-Mimran found herself in the buying office at The Hudson’s Bay Company. She then applied her expertise to the iconic Canadian label Club Monaco, where she developed a keen understanding of structure and tailoring. Upon her move to Caban,
Newport-Mimran honed her knowledge of fabrics and luxury design. With this compilation of experience, Newport-Mimran went on to found Pink Tartan in 2002. As President and Design Director of Pink Tartan, she epitomizes a sense of chic that translates to the womenswear brand that she created. Pink Tartan has developed into a global label known for understated luxury and sophisticated sportswear. This Canadian-born line sits comfortably on the racks at Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstroms, Holt Renfrew, and The Hudson’s Bay Company as well as specialty stores across North America, Central America, Middle East and Europe. With the launch of her flagship store, Pink Tartan A Lifestyle Concept in 2010, all the facets of Kimberley’s life and work came together. Pink Tartan’s concept shop
houses a selection of art, fashion, home and accessories curated by Kim. Another milestone was the launch of a second Pink Tartan concept shop in Bayview Village in 2012. In addition to dressing the everyday woman, Pink Tartan has also been worn by top celebrities including Kim Cattrall, Jenny McCarthy, Vanessa Williams, Kate Hudson, and Charlize Theron.