Niagara District Art Association

Image of Niagara District Art Association

The Niagara District Art Association was founded in 1945. In 1986, the Association was officially incorporated as a non-profit entity. The Association provided a home for artists to meet, to hold monthly meetings, weekly workshops, group painting, demonstrations and seminars, and provided a Public Art Gallery. Not surprisingly the Niagara District Art Association had several different homes over the years. Oak Hall was the original home of the Association until 1970, when the Niagara Parks Commission took over the building. The Association then moved the Art Exhibitions to the Queenston Powerhouse and then to the Coronation Centre and held their meetings in City owned facilities. The next home would be in the Recreation Commission building at the corner of Lundy’s Lane and Montrose. In 2005, the Association made their final move to the Old Library, Community Resource Building, on Victoria Avenue. Regardless of the building the Niagara District Art Association provided countless art shows, networking and learning opportunities, and shared their art with the community. The Association hosted the Halloween Paint Out for many years. Countless youth took part in the contest and it is worth noting that James Cameron was not only a participant but also a winner. The Association developed a relationship in the 60’s with the Niagara Falls Public Library where they continue to hold art exhibitions. In 2013, the Niagara District Art Association dissolved as an incorporated entity and donated the permanent collection and reserve fund to the Niagara Falls Public Library. The Niagara District Art Association will continue to meet and provide an opportunity for artists as an unincorporated entity.