Derek Tidd

Image of Derek Tidd

Derek Tidd was born in 1924 in Dover, England and moved to Canada in 1956. His wife arrived in 1957 with
their 3 children. They later had a 4th child in Canada. Derek and his wife moved to Niagara Falls in 1990.
Derek has always been highly active in the arts. After serving 3 years with the Royal Navy during World War II,
he joined a local Amateur Dramatic Society in Ashford where he lived. Later he volunteered with the Tudor
Players. When a second location was opened, he was offered a job as Stage Manager and he worked there for
two and a half years.
When Derek came to Canada he worked for the Globe and Mail in Toronto. There, Derek and some coworkers
discovered that they had a mutual interest in theatre. Together they formed a company they called the Globe
Players. Their first play was Agatha Christie’s “The Hollow” which they performed in Hart House in Toronto.
While living in Toronto he also obtained an agent and worked part time as an extra in film.
After moving to Niagara Falls he continued his involvement in the arts. In 1995, Derek was appointed as the
first official Town Crier for the City of Niagara Falls and continues to deliver official announcements. Derek also
leads parades and opens many City events. He has competed in World Town Crier Competitions in Canada and
the U.S.
In 2010, Derek was asked to play the leading role in the movie "Black Noise" and was awarded the Diploma of
Honor for Best Actor at the Annual Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran.
Derek is also very involved in heritage. He is past President of the Royal Canadian Naval Association Niagara
Region, a position that he held for three years, and an active member of the War of 1812 Bicentennial Task
Force, attending meetings and providing his cry at multiple events.