Gary Rigby

Image of Gary Rigby

Garry was born in Toronto in 1934 and has lived in Niagara Falls for 58 years with a long history of creating art.
Garry was an early member of the Niagara Art Association and taken lessons at several art institutions
including a course at the Royal College of Art in Toronto.
When Garry joined the Niagara Falls Music Theater Society in 1969 he began designing and painting stage
scenery. He quickly became an accomplished designer and scenic painter doing work for Garden City
Productions, "Oh Canada Eh!", Niagara Falls Grand Dinner Theatre, Port Mansion Theatre in Port Dalhousie,
and Shakespeare in the Vineyard at the Henry of Pelham Winery.
He was commissioned by the Niagara Wood Carvers to design a large wooden plaque representing the Niagara
Region. The plaque is now on permanent display at the Niagara Regional Headquarters.
Garry was chairman of the Senior Adult Art branch of the Niagara Regional Exhibition for twelve years and
was on the committee for creating the murals in Welland. He has created designs for many local businesses
and schools and created decorations for weddings and birthday parties. His most notable design was for a
parade float "Maid of the Mist" for the Shrine Club. This float has promoted Niagara Falls in parades all over
Canada and the United States.
Garry is a gifted and prolific model maker. Many of his set design models are on display at the Firehall Theatre.
He continues to be generous with his time and talent and over the last 40 years he has left a substantial
artistic mark on Niagara.