Frances Mary Corfield

Image of Frances Mary Corfield

Frances came to Niagara Falls in 1947 as an English “war bride” and having a great interest in her new
community she served on the Executive committees of many of its organizations.
Having a special interest in art she belonged for many years to the Niagara District Art Association and as
Secretary and later as Vice-President, organized yearly public exhibits and member’s Jury Shows.
Interest in Theatre Arts led to helping to present and the costuming of scenes from Shakespeare for
Stamford Collegiate students and as a member of the National Film Board Council and licensed
projectionist, she brought film programmes to many local groups.
Frances is a Past-President of the Lundy’s Lane Historical Society and during her tenure, organized a
Junior Historical Society. In 2001 she was appointed to the City’s Municipal Heritage Committee and
chaired its 2002 Heritage Week project.
A long-term resident of the premises now the Battleground Hotel, she provided assistance to the restorers
with her knowledge of the site, and in 2002 was honoured with the Stamford Collegiate Alumni’s “Barbara
Frum Memorial Award”.
A dedicated promoter of Niagara Falls history, art and culture, Frances is a great asset to her community.