Niagara Falls Concert Band

Image of Niagara Falls Concert Band

The Niagara Falls Concert Band has been in existence since 1871. W.A. (Billy) Phillips formed
the Clifton Citizen Band in the then newly formed Town of Clifton.
Later when the town of Niagara Falls was created the band changed its name to the Niagara
Falls Citizens Band. The band played concerts, parades, socials, and fall fairs. In the early days of
the band they had to play evening concerts by kerosene lamps on steel rods stuck in the ground
nearby. They played in a new bandstand erected behind the Town Hall (Old City Hall) on Queen
Street, later moving to Hanan Park.
The First World War split up the band as some of its members enlisted. It was soon back in
service playing for wartime functions. This time the band was named the Niagara Falls Kiltie.
Throughout the years the band had many notable bandmasters.
In the 1960s, the band changed its uniform from kilts to trousers and red jackets. The band
changed its name to the Niagara Falls Concert Band and it still remains active in the community
playing for many city functions.
The Niagara Falls Concert Band has represented the City of Niagara Falls proudly and with
dignity and has provided high quality entertainment for 137 years. It has undergone many
changes but remains active in the community performing at functions as well as at summer
concert series and retirement residences. The band has been instrumental in promoting live
music in Niagara Falls and provides a place in which talented musicians can use their skills.