Myron "Mynie" Sutton

Image of Myron "Mynie" Sutton

Myron “Mynie” Sutton was born October 9, 1903 and lived on Peer Street in Niagara Falls. He began studying the piano
as a young child and later in his career established one of the first black jazz bands in Ontario, known as the “Canadian
During the 1920s and 1930s, Myron was an instrumental part of the Montreal jazz scene and a member of the Canadian
Clef Club, a select musicians’ organization that was established primarily for black jazz artists.
A dynamic musician, Myron could play a variety of instruments. For this reason, he had a very successful career and was
frequently asked to join many well known bands, including a quartet called The Casuals. He declined various offers to
travel to New York City, choosing to stay close to the Niagara border. Myron wrote numerous arrangements and some
original pieces for the Canadian Ambassadors and several of his songs have been registered for copyright in the United
Myron served more than 30 years on the executive board of the Region Musicians’ Association, and founded the
Canadian Brotherhood Club of Niagara Falls in 1945, where he acted as president until his death in 1982.
In May 1977, the Niagara Promotions Association recognized Myron’s outstanding community service and honoured his
work as a musician. Myron continued performing until June 17, 1982, two weeks before his death.