Lucille Hilston

Image of Lucille Hilston

Lucille Hilston was a long time, dedicated citizen of Niagara Falls, and expressed her love of both the Falls and this City
through her music.
A self-taught composer, Lucille Hilston was under-recognized as a notable Canadian composer. Her most familiar
arrangements are “Boost Niagara” - the City of Niagara Falls’ official song, “Our Niagara Honeymoon” and “Onghiara” - a
full orchestral poem of romance describing the Niagara River. In addition, her song “Happy Birthday, Canada” has been
played by various ensembles during patriotic celebrations.
For over thirty seven years, Lucille’s hymns, ballads and marches brought her international recognition. In 1980, during
the United Nations International Year of the Disabled Person (I.Y.D.P.), Lucille’s song “Hand In Hand” was recognized as
the official song of Operation Horseshoe, and was used in the United Nations’ I.Y.D.P. Secretariat promotions.
Later, in 1988, the Olympic Torch Committee recognized Lucille for her outstanding dedication to Niagara Falls and her
unselfish contributions to this community by presenting her with a Certificate of Merit from the Government of Canada.
Lucille Hilston was an active member of the City of Niagara Falls, founding many clubs and organizations for the young
and old alike. However she will be remembered mostly for her love of this city, which she genuinely expressed through
her music.